Wyze Lock Keypad Fails to enter pairing mode

Wyze lock keypad fails to enter pairing mode after Wyze Keypad boots up. I’ve tried multiple time rebooting the keypad to try to get it to pair but nothing has worked. what I’m doing is after the Wyze Keypad cycles
through the boot up lights I proceed to then hold down the lock icon for three seconds but rather than light up green my Wyze lock keypad emits two beeps after it emits the two beeps if I try to to click on any of the buttons on the lock nothing lights up instead it just beeps as if I entered the wrong even though I just type one code in. Please help I don’t know what to do and I just bought/received this keypad and lock today and I don’t want to return it because The lock is awesome!

I have this problem too—-no answers?

I cannot add my keypad eithet. Lock installed and working properly, when adding the keypad it keeps saying Bluetooth connectivity dropped. But I can get into the lock just fine.