Wyze lock disconnected from the network

My Wyze lock has worked for the last month since I received it. In the last week it has been having issues with Alexa. Alexa says the Wyze lock isn’t responding, or isn’t connected to the network.
Now on the Wyze app, next to Wyze Lock a cloud with a line through it (top left to bottom right) appears. When I click on Wyze lock, it takes a long time to connect. Sometimes it shows the door as “Unlocked” when it is actually locked, or vice versa. Most of the time I just unlock the door by hand rather than waiting up to 30-45 seconds for the app and lock to connect and allow me to use the app to lock or unlock the door with my phone.
I’ve tried to reset the gateway. No luck!
I’ve pushed the button on the lock, waited for the green light and beeps to re link or re sync it. No luck!
I’ve changed the batteries. No luck!
I’m getting ready to take the Wyze lock off the door, and just return to the old interior thumb lock.
Anyone know how to fix this?