Wyze lock + Alexa totally broken "device is not responding"

I really want to keep my Wyze lock, but the main reason I got it is for Alexa integration; lock doors when I leave or go to bed. Unlock door when I arrive home, etc. Also, the voice commands and feedback warnings that a door is unlocked.

But the integration with Alexa is completely broken. “device is not responding”

App and firmware are both up to date. I’ve removed and reinstalled it. I’ve disabled the skill and re-enabled. I kinda know what I’m doing with this sort of stuff and haven’t gotten the two to work together AT ALL.

Googling shows that lots of people are having this issue. Is this a known, universal issue? Will it be fixed before my Amazon return window is up (20 days).

PLEASE do NOT respond to this question with the normal troubleshooting steps. I know them. I’ve tried them. Respond with real information about what is causing this problem and when/if it will be fixed.


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Sent back to Amazon. Smh.