Wyze Lock: Choose Battery Type or Override Low Power Mode (e.g., rechargeable batteries)

Yes, please, the option to select battery type so we could use rechargeables like Eneloops would be WONDERFUL!


Is there progress on this yet? This thing demolishes alkaline batteries, I thought my lock was just broken for upwards of two years since it always shows low battery. I’ve been using rechargable batteries too and I’m certainly not going to start dumping money into use and toss batteries. I thought about getting a battery eliminator and running a wire through the inside of the door.
This is insane that a designer wouldn’t consider people using rechargeable AA batteries for a permanently affixed interior device.


@UserCustomerGwen do you have an update here? It’s been 17 months and all I have is a dumb lock. Numerous people are having the same issue. I’ve been a Wyze adopter from the beginning but the fact that this is still an issue with no follow through is extremely disappointing. Not only would making this update be nice for customers, but it would also be kind to the planet. Please respond.


I completely agree! I won’t buy or recommend Wyze products anymore because this is going unaddressed.


Hey Wyze, how about an answer here after so many comments over such a long period of time??

Even if you just say “we’re looking into this,” or “we think you’re all a bunch of idiots,” at least let us know whether we can expect any action on this at all.



This topic is the 4th highest voted in the wyze-lock category, not exactly high on the list. Also one of the most recently active. Personally I’m using the battery tray solution like I said I’d do, I suggest you do the same rather than waiting for a solution. Fixing problems and adding features doesn’t generate income. Releasing new products to sell, however, does.

Their priorities is to generate $$$, adding this feature does the opposite.

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I use exclusively the amazing Panasonic Eneloop NiMH rechargeable batteries and even at full-charge they only show up as 64% charged and are reporting low power long before they are discharged. It’s so annoying and an easy fix for Wyze surely. Wyze, it’s about time to take care of this.


Disposable and rechargeable batteries use different voltages and rechargeable shows and alerts low battery even though it isn’t. Would be nice to be able to change a setting to switch between them!

Or if it could try to detect it automatically but I’m sure it’s easier to just let the user pick

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I thought that I had replied to this but didn’t find it. I swap in one alkaline with 3 eneloops and that seems to be enough to trick it. However on the latest round I simply replaced with new because I had some from the kids Christmas pile.

I would still love to use the rechargeable ones and do think that it would be a simple fix to change the threshold in an advanced option for this.

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Do not mix cells of different voltages. It damages the cells, which of course you don’t care about the alkaline but you’re destroying your rechargables.


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More elegant solution,

Jugee brand batteries which use lithium ion battery chemistry stuffed with a buck converter and other circuitry to emulate a 1.5v alkaline battery with 2000 mAh capacity. They will output 1.5v continuously until near dead where it will output 1.1v to let the device know it is at low power.

It’s comparable to a 40 pack of duracells so basically if you recharge these 10 times you made your money back. I think it’s worth it if you’re looking for an elegant solution.

oooh, very cool solution. Have you tried these yet?

I ordered some, for other purposes. I already jerry rigged my lock with 5 NiMH batteries so they work just fine for my purposes.

I ordered those batteries for my flashlights that need the brightness and I won’t be able to easily jerry rig.

Wyze Lock - Rechargeable Batteries

The Wyze lock does not support rechargeable batteries. Using standard throw-away batteries is terrible for the environment so it’s a little shocking that Wyze would not support rechargeable batteries. Wyze is the only major smart lock brand that does not support these.

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This is not even a green issue for me. I bought and installed this unit for emergencies. I recently was hospitalized after an accident and needed to get back in my home. My keys were lost in the accident and I paid a fortune to get back in my home. I now have a Wyze unit on all my doors because I can fall and literally be locked inside my home. Wyze was a great solution because I could share the code with a friend or neighbor. Now, I worry that the problem with the batteries is going to end up leaving me in a real emergency situation.

I don’t know how your post relates to this topic?

Even if it’s low on power you can still use the app to unlock the door. Unless it’s too low to even do that.

This is my top complaint too. One of my two Wyze locks still partially works with rechargeable, the other is non operational unless I use non-rechargeables.

I’ll have to use the solution others have (adding a 5th battery in series), but it would be nice to have a solution from Wyze

OP here reporting… I bought these four months ago and they are still on their first charge and working great. Sounds like Wyze will never update this for us, so this or the five-in-a-series seem to be the only options.

Rechargeable AA Batteries, 1.6V 2500mWh NiZn Double A Battery, Long-Lasting All-Purpose, for Toy, Cameras Power (4 Count with Battery Charger) https://a.co/fahLbyM

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I am currently using these in my Wyze Lock:

TENAVOLTS 1.5V AA Lithium Rechargeable Battery

I got 75 Days out of the first full charge, I received no warning from the app that my batteries were ‘low’, it just quit working.

Charged them up again, installed them again.

Per my post here, I’m 31 days into the 2nd charge on these batteries, so ideally I should have 75-31 = 44 or so days left until the next recharge which per this site takes me out to January 7, 2023 for my next charging

One thing of note on these batteries, you can only charge them in the charger that is made by Tenavolt



I’d love to see Wyze Locks support rechargeable batteries

So far I’ve tried good old Ni-MH batteries, Lithium, and Ni-Zn batteries. The best for life are the Ni-Zn, likely due to their 1.6 Volt charge state. But just like the other two, they die with zero notifications from the Wyze app. Wyze, please support rechargeable batteries in the lock firmware.

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