Wyze lock batteries

I purchased, and installed a set of these Tenavolts 1.5 V AA Lithium Rechargeable Batteries on amazon for $34.99 after seeing that one set of the Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries at home depot for $23.87.

I decided that for $11.12 more, I’ll experiment with a set of batteries that if they work, I’ll hopefully save a few dollars.

The batteries started at 94% upon installation per the Wyze App on 08-07-2022,


Eight days later (today), still showing 94%

It’ll be interesting to see how they perform. If I get any type of warning of a low battery event, or if they just go ‘completely’ dead without warning.

I’ll update this post on the next exciting blockbuster episode of 'Batteries Discharging in a Wyze Lock" when something of note occurs.

If they don’t work out in the Wyze Lock, I’ll find another user for them elsewhere and try something else.


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The forum wouldn’t allow me to reply to my own thread:

So here I am per that suggestion, and editing my original reply to document what I discovered with the Tenavolt batteries:

My Wyze Lock Quit working yesterday, no warning of a low battery (which I understand is the expected behavior with the Wyze Lock and rechargeable batteries)

So, I pulled the batteries, grabbed my high tech battery meter and saw what I expected:

EXCEPT for one of the batteries was not like the other three:

Strange that three fully discharged, and one did not.

I will label them 1-4 this time, and mark the inside of the lock with 1-4 to see if one of the batteries does this again, and if so, which battery slot doesn’t discharge like the other three.

For this experiment, the batteries lasted from 08-07-22 to 10-25-22 for a total of 79 days.

Not great,

But if I get 1000 cycles out of batteries per the box…

1000 cycles x 79 days = 79,000 days

79,000 days / 365 days = 216.43 Years

If my math is right… and it lives up to even half of that expectation. the batteries will outlive me…

(There has to be a flaw in my math and / or reasoning here, as I can’t believe these batteries will last that long)

Did I flunk this math test?