Wyze Lock: Choose Battery Type or Override Low Power Mode (e.g., rechargeable batteries)

Override for low battery message preventing calibration

The Wyze Lock is slow to identify battery charge level and often misidentifies low battery when there’s months of battery life left. After replacing batteries, there’s a low battery message that prevents a user from initiating calibration.
This wishlist request is for the app developers to add a bypass option, to allow users to proceed with lock calibration, even though the lock is, or has been sensing, low battery. This would resolve the main functional issues revolving around slow charge level measurement of new batteries as well as inaccurate assessment of rechargeable batteries.

The wish list for this product is so long as to be laughable, I meant the time of the wishes for which Wyze has known about it is rediculous. I looked at one hack where someone wired another battery! I mean WTF Wyze, you could fix this with some resources directed at a firmware update where it could sense the voltage or amperage of a rechargeable battery. Regardless all the complaining on this forum have changed nothing. My opinion of this company has changed from really thinking that were a great company to one that keeps pumping out products but supporting them very poorly yet they put tremdous energy into continuing to send me notifications to subscribe to their service for camera recording to make additional income. The camera could very easily record without the subscription they have simply disabled a users ability to do so. Sorry Wyze I don’t like you much anymore.

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Agreed. It seems like they don’t care enough to respond to longstanding issues that appear to be easily fixed by an app update. Perhaps they’re thinking they need to do more work than what we’re asking. We don’t need the lock firmware to accurately measure battery capacity for all types of batteries in very short amounts of time… all we need is an ignore option for the low battery warning for calibration - the lock would function normally after calibration with a battery icon that may or may not be accurate (who cares).
The least they could do is have someone explain why they can’t or won’t implement solutions for these common issues with their product.