Wyze lock build quality is bad, installation easy but not idiot-proof

Wyze lock quality is horrible! Its a cheaply made product with poor build quality. The product easily scratches even with the slightest touches and is plastic or pretty low quality overall.

Would recommend the company to do better qualilty control especially while working with vendors and redo the lock with higher build quality even if it means higher pricing for the lock.

(Edited) Also the installation was actually easy and I was an idiot putting the mounting plate wrong. Please make the instructions idiot-proof.

I felt the installation was very easy and I had it installed and set up in less then 15 minutes. It is a little bigger then I would like but very impressed with the lock overall.


Yes it is a little bit larger than others but we knew what we were getting from the videos. in the way of installation, I honestly had my 5 year old do the install with a little guidance! wish I recorded it but when we were done “about 10 minutes” he said its just like building legos. In the build quality department this is a first release backing you didn’t honestly think perfection right out of the gate did you? I sure didn’t. I will buy another one for my back door once v2 comes out. Great job Wyze! My only real complaint is where are my socks? I thought backers were getting Wyze socks

The Wyze lock is awesome. Install took 10 min.
Only its tricky when you pick up the mail outside and auto lock is on and you have no phone and your neighbor start to talk to you longer then 10 min. You locked outside…LOL.


Totally agree, either the keypad feature or Geozone needs to allow for hitting the mailbox, this happened to me also with Autolock, I had my phone but because it did not detect me leaving the zone it did not auto unlock and I had to pull up the App to unlock.

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Sorry to hear you had difficulty installing the mounting plate. Would you mind sharing which step was confusing or difficult to follow? That may help us improve the instructions.