Wyze Lock Bolt Handles

Not sure if I am the only one trying to find a similar door handle / knob to the one advertised with the email about the new Wyze Lock Bolt, but if someone else has found one or the Wyze advertising team can weigh in on the one used it would be greatly appreciated!

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Here is what I have found

Closest (handle looks shorter)

Similar (Has key lock)


Thanks, those are all good options; perhaps the ad even features a hisafe handle. Don’t know why I hadn’t thought to look through Amazon, was just looking through the local hardware store websites.

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Yea, oddly looking at the standard hardware stores yielded little results for me as well, similar but different. i.e. Square plates, pole like handles, not rounded on the end etc.

Glad to be of assistance, would be cool to see your final result if you complete with one of the above.

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