Wyze Lock & Keypad: Additional Colors

I would like to see a brass color lock to match the brass colored handle

A darker oil rubbed bronze style would be excellent as well. I want to buy this product so badly, but it would be pretty ugly on my door which has darker hardware.


Door hardware is an important aspect of home decorating. When will Wyze offer a bronze/brown lock and key pad.


I definitely would like to purchase a wyze lock for my front door, but I’m looking for like a bronze/brownish type color to match my current hardware.


agree waiting for bronze color to purchase a few


Bronze covering please


For me and I’m sure others, the only thing keeping me from getting this is that it doesn’t match… which is critical for spousal approval.



Please make the Wyze Lock available in black in addition to the silver finish currently available. This would provide another option for users that want to match their existing black or bronze door hardware.


Oil rubbed bronze please. Perhaps with different shapes (i.e. traditional, transitional, modern). Thanks!!!


I am REALLY interested in the Wyze door lock. I own several Wyze products and I am very happy with their performance. My problem is that I have gold hardware on my doors and the silver tone would look terrible. Is there any chance that the production of the gold toned hardware will be a reality soon?

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I am also extremely interested in purchasing the lock - impressive specs and operation. Please provide a range of common finishes. Should be easy to plate the covers and thumbturns - 613P (10BP) (oil rubbed bronze powder coat); 630(US32D)/619(US15) Satin Stainless or Satin Nickel (your silver finish is somewhat close, but not really an architectural satin stainless or a satin nickel; Satin Black powder coat; and Bright Brass 603 (US3) at a bare minimum. That should match “most” popular residential door hardware finishes. However, I am not purchasing until you offer an Oil Rubbed Bronze or Black finish. This can only increase your potential sales. Most people will not put mis-matched hardware on their front/side/main doors

I have almost every Wyze product and love them all.

I really want the Wyze Lock but need it in bronze…

Is there a future for different Lock colors?


Or any door :grinning:

I would like to see the deadbolt and wyze lock and keypad available with different colors - specifically brushed nickel for me but I’m sure other people would like them to match the other hardware for their doors.

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Brushed nickel would be a great option. Waiting for this color to order mine. :pray:t3:

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Wyze Lock Different Finishes

Hello, Just like to see Wyze lock in different finishes like brass. Currently only available is chrome and there are so different kind of deadbolts out there so nice to see to be able to match to current ones

Thank you