Wyze Lock Bolt - Additional Colors

Are there any plans to offer the Bolt Lock in different colors, such as brushed nickel, white, etc?
I love my bolt lock. On my back door. Want to put one on my front door, but would like to match my other hardware.

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Brushed nickel would definitely be nice.


Black finish

Krylon Fusion on the metal shell.

I did that on my door hardware instead - was brass color, switched to satin black.
Results are fantastic as it matches the Lock appearance.
Holding up perfectly even after 5 months of use.

I think the thin metal shell can be removed for a much easier application.

PLEASE! I want to buy two of these for my home but all of my knobs are aged bronze color. Would really love if it came in other colors than just black

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I would buy four if these if I could get brushed nickel.

Wyze bolt lock in different colors

I would be a lot more likely to purchase the wise bolt lock if it came in different color options, personally looking for white