Changing color of wyze lock

I was wondering if I could carefully paint my wyze lock to antique brass…not a silver fan lol

Just curious TIA

I did mine in Oil rubbed Bronze with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed bronze paint.
I mentioned it here:



oops says page doesnt exist…

try this or enter oil rubbed bronze in the search box


thaks again…I havent mounted this lock yet so appreciate the help…


If you do it, I would recomend the Rustoleum Spray version rather than a brush. They have a few different metallic colors.

Wow… looks great!

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Thinking of painting mine too… my wife is not a fan of the silver.
I’ll probably use Rustoleum spray paint - bright brass.

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I painted mine too with the Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint as the wife hated the silver color. Mine was mounted which I would recommend doing and use it for a few weeks to make sure everything works first. All you have to do is pop off the cover and unscrew the two little screws behind the batteries to paint it. There is a little dot on top of the plate that the LED light shines thru that you can use a tooth pick to clean the paint from.


Wow… that looks awesome!


Nice job, thanks. I’m gonna do it.

Have you tried the TOUCHPAD? That’s the one that looks the worst on the outside of the door that everyone sees. Surely the guts can come out so I wouldn’t get any paint on the buttons.

Just saw this, impressive. This now makes getting the lock more appealing.

If you going to buy the lock know the auto unlock feature is flawed and rarely if ever works. I would suggest getting the keypad for 100% unlock without using a key.

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Absolutely agree. Hooked 3 locks up at my in-laws house and added keypad as well. Thanks for the suggestion though, don’t want to overlook something as simple as the keypad.

I got lucky and mine woks 95% of the time. It got better with age and updates I guess. It’s been installed over a year

Not yet. I keep meaning to, but haven’t got around to it yet. I’m sure it will work fine though, that Rustoleum is good stuff

Well I did it to the touchpad. I completely took it apart so I could get the rubber buttons removed.

It looks darker than it really is with the Bronze Metallic spray paint. I’m happy now. Now inside and outside match my hardware.

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Looks great… did you scuff or prime it before you painted?