My Wyze lock in oil rubbed bronze

Used some Rust-Oleum Metallic oil rubbed bronze paint. Looks pretty good and matches the door knob. The original silver finish is a little textured, but took the paint. Ignore the painters tape, I was doing some varnish touch up.


That is exactly what I need could you please provide a link. My wife would thank you over and over again she does not like the current color

I used this exact one, but I got mine at Home Depot. Same number though. It’s got nice little metallic particles in it and looks good.

You would probably get a nicer finish with the spray version of the same brand and color. I brushed mine and it came out pretty smooth, but the lock is in an enclosed heated porch that’s rustic with barnwood walls, so a perfect finish wasn’t nessesary for me.:

That’s the spray I was going to go with but I wanted to verify with you because yours looks awesome. Another great job there @raym64

Did you remove it completely from the door or did you just use painters tape. I’m figuring if I’m going to spray I probably should use a lot of painters tape or remove it from the door

And I’ll definitely wait until it’s warmer weather around here. 20° is not the greatest time to try to paint stuff

I was able to slip some paper in between the lock and the door just enough to leave it on and use a little craft paint brush. The lid of course I removed to paint and the knob I just brushed in place also.

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Did the metallic give it kind of a rough surface or is it smooth?

No, it’s smooth and semi gloss just like regular store bought oil rubbed bronze and doesn’t look like paint where I did it right. In my case the magnetic cover isn’t perfectly smooth because it got knocked over when it was still tacky and smeared. I touched it up and didn’t wait long enough between coats so I got some brush marks on the cover. When I get a chance, I’m gonna sand and recoat the cover so it’s more perfect.

Also, if you use the spray instead of the brush on, it would be a perfect finish and if I were to do it again, that’s what I would do.

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Yeah I’m gonna go with the spray but when it said metallic I was afraid it would have like a textured paint and I wanted to make sure it was smooth so thank you for letting me know


Very nice Lattimer!

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Very nice @Lattimer90! Did you use the same product? Same color

Yes. Wife very happy! (Kinda eyesore with original color)

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Did you use spray paint or did you brush it on? I’ve got the spray paint will be here tomorrow. And yes my wife thinks it’s an absolute eyesore to so we’re going to paint ours to match the existing door handle. And she’s the painter so she’s agreed to do the spray painting but I was just wondering exactly what steps you did? Did you take it off or did you tape it off or how Any details you want to give if you sprayed it I would very very much appreciate. Thanks

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I just took it off it was only the 2 screws Taped off where the batteries are and underneath the turn switch and spray painted that and the cover separately was ready to put back in 2 hours

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Thanks so much. I’ll pass on to the wife. Yours looks awesome.

Happy wife happy life!

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Spoken like someone who’s been married for a long time. Like me

27 wonderful years!

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