Wyze light strip or strip pro

Hi, does light strip and light strip pro detect motion?? Does it have an in built motion detection sensors??

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What are you trying to do?

Thanks for your response. Nothing much …since I stay in a condo …it would been great if I can get motion sensor based strips on both ends (going up and going down).

Any suggestions???

Off the top of my head :

You can set up a location rule to turn on/off the light strips when you enter/exit your home

Use motion sensors and set up a routine through Alexa , that when a motion sensor detects motion turn on the light strips for however many minutes you like . The reason I say Alexa is because you can use a WAIT action , so like when it turns on it’ll WAIT for 30-1 hr being ON and then turn off.

I used that routine through Alexa for various bulbs around my house.

That’s a great idea. However I have Google assistant and not Alexa. So I will figure out the rules for it. But instead of setting rules I am more inclined towards having it work via a motion sensor. I don’t want to purchase additional motion sensor compatible with the strip… additional equipment additional issues. If all comes in one, that’s always helpful. But thanks for all the assistance. I really appreciate it.

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