Wyze light bulbs stop working

Has anyone else had both light bulbs in a group stop working at the same time and are completely dead?

I have had 3 light bulbs stop working. The support ppl are useless and tell me they will get back only to email me and say the light bulbs are out of warranty because they only keep order history for 1 yr and expect me to send them the order confirmation email that is over a year old which is ridiculous.

Welcome to the Wyze community @tullym!
I’m sorry about this experience!
Wyze products do only have a warranty for one year.
You could also try calling support, but you’ll need proof of purchase date for a warranty replacement/return as stated in the Warranty and return policy.

You should be able to login and go to “orders” to see your order history information(if you purchased from Wyze directly).

(206) 339-9646

Wyze Support has extended their live support hours for a better support experience. ( Excluding Holidays & Emergencies )
Monday - Friday 4 AM – 8 PM PT

Saturday 8 AM – 4 PM PT

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Really only a year? what a joke. What is the life expectancy on your bulbs then?
and your website only keeps order history for a year I was told I would need to find the order confirmation that would have been sent since your website doesn’t keep all order history.
Time to start buying from a more reputable mfg than Wyze then

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My order history goes back to 2019.

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I’m not a Wyze employee, I’m just a user.
My order history also goes back to 2019. Have you checked to see if there is another page to your order history?

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Brlepage - I am so sorry I thought I was replying the person that had contacted me.

I used to see my order history going back to when I order the 1st gen cameras, the pan and scan camera etc that I bought from their web-site. They can’t find anything, they mentioned something about an internal system conversion which may have lost my order history and asked if I could find my order confirmation emails from over a year ago.

I really like their other products like the home monitoring system, home vacuum (I bought 2) but I have had nothing but [Mod Edit] luck with their light bulbs. I purchased 4 and in less than 2 years 3 of them just stop working. My original post was to see if others have had similar experiences with the light bulbs.

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Understood, I haven’t had any bulbs stop working completely.
Do your broken bulbs show any signs of life?

I have some of the more expensive smart lightbulbs from Sengled and they barely lasted 2 years. I’m coming up on 2 years with my Wyze bulbs (I’ve got about 10 total) and so far they haven’t had any issues that I’ve noticed. But I’ve slowly been replacing my sengled bulbs as they die with the ones from Wyze.

I’ve not tried any other brands of lightbulbs, so I can only compare those two.