Wyze Leak Sensor - Alexa Integration

Would like a Notification integration with Amazon Alexa.

If Leak Detected Sound Alarm/Notification on Alexa Device of choosing.

In order to satisfy this request, you’ll need to seperately state the changes required in terms of “trigger” and “action” in the associated, existing Wishlist topics at minimum (I’m not an Alexa person, so additional requirements may be needed).

Add Alexa trigger: Leak Sensor detects leak
and optionally: Add Alexa trigger: Leak Sensor becomes clear

Add Alexa action: Sound Alarm/Notification on Alexa Device of choosing.


You’ve got it :smiley: What @seapup said.

Wyze Leak Sensor Detects/Clear Leak/Water

Alexa Sounds an Alarm/Notification (multiple ways here)


Don’t hide it, you know you’ve got some Alexa, that was too good.


Everyone here at home does Alexa, except for me… I’m sticking with Google. :grinning:


I thought about saying Google and Alexa in my request, figured I would leave that to the Google users :wink: .
I also know a lot of this request is at the hands of Amazon, but, gotta start somewhere. If history repeats itself the capability will come in due time.

As always, thank you @Seapup


Don’t forget to add your trigger request to: Add more Alexa Triggers

and your action request to: Add more Alexa Actions

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I have 2 requests for Leak Sensor: use a sound alarm on HMS and/or Alexa to set up Alexa Says or Notification. I have a few alarms and would be nice for Alexa to Say which alarm is being used.

[Mod Note]: This is a merged #wishlist submission. The request listed at the top would allow leak sensor-to-Alexa integration. Remember to scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button. For leak sensor-to-HMS alarm integration, please vote on this wishlist request.

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Cause water leak to send an iOS (iPhone) Critical Alert notification. The critical alert breaks through all mute settings

A water leak cost me $60K. Theft wasn’t even close.

Update: Critical alerts can now be requested for leak sensor events under HMS Home Monitoring Settings > Environment > Hazard Remediation. Sensor Hub App 2.34.0 (b3)

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