Can a Leak Sensor act as a trigger?

Like the title says I want to know if I can trigger an event with a leak sensor? Such as turning on a small pump or an indicator light.

I have not read anything that allows you to use the leak sensors or the temp sensors with any rules. The only thing I’ve seen is the ability to send notifications.

I’m past the point of using my own suggestion to try it myself. But you might trying using Amazon’s Alexa Routine to perform the function you want.

However, you didn’t mention if you already have a working functioning Sense V2 hub and leak sensor. If not, I see it would not work.

Since there’s no small Wyze pump, you can’t use Wyze rules anyway. You might be able to use a Wyze buld for the indicator light.

Again However, if you don’t have Wyze Sense V2/HMS hub and leak sensor, I suggest you look for other manufacturer products. Most water sensor products are likely to need a hub anyway. I recommend either Samsung Smarthings hub and water sensor. But these are in very limited production and are scarce right now. Might not be able to find them without paying a premium. Next which might be better is products. They make great sensors with long range use. They also make a valve you can turn on and off via a trigger from their water sensor. And using their water sensor, you can trigger a Yosmart/ electrical smart plug or light switch. Yes, you need a hub. But the Yolink hub is only about $20 and you can’t buy the Wyze hub separately. These interface to Alexa too, so you could jazz them up with Alexa routines.
As I mention, I am too far past trying, but I think you could create an Amazon account, link Wyze or Yosmart to Alexa and use routines without even owning a single Alexa device. Your phone can run Alexa and I think it will serve as a simulated Alexa device if needed.

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