Wyze Lamp Socket support for Wyze Cam Pan v3

I don’t own a Pan & Scan v3 - was going to purchase some to replace some older pan & scan v1

i don’t have a use case for the light socket outside - I just use Wyze LED bulbs outside.
Because i use the doorbell, there is no need for me to use the lamp socket for a power source.

But i think what people are saying here is that the Pan & Scan v3 has a funky connector, and that it has different power requirements than all the other cameras out there that I already own.

Am i understanding the issue properly? Photos or a video would help to explain this issue for those of us who are considering the WCPv3 and need to decide whether or not it is worth it.

I really like the light socket and it works great with the Wyze Cam V3 but I think it would be a great addition to see the software compatible with the Cam Pan v3


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Given that this thread has now been filed under “probably not” I don’t see them making an updated Lamp Socket. Guess I’ll have to exit the Wyze ecosystem.


Agree with the discussion and the request for a lamp socket compatible with the latest Wyze Cam Pan v3. There is certainly enough demand for this based on feedback I’ve seen in the Wyze community and discussions with friends and family. I’d imagine most would even pay 50-100% more than the current lamp socket price for this upgrade just for an easy outdoor install.

Wyze, please make this happen and give an ETA so we can all stop searching for other solutions.


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I bought these configurations thinking they would work. Wyze really does need to ensure that is clearly explained as you will get a lot of customers upset this way. I bought the Wyze V3 Pan and have purchased 4 lamp socket devices with the intent of allowing my camera and lights to be powered via sunset, but it appears this is not the case. Not a very happy customer right now!


Yes please I just got the new pam cam V3 and got the wyze lamp socket thinking because is V3 would work it does give electricity but can not turn off the lights at night and it’s annoying! Might have to get a wyze bulb or something in the meantime.

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please allow wyze lamp socket to work with wyze camera pan v3. I know it works when when you plug the pan v3 camera in to the socket, But the app then loses control of the socket. so in order to control the socket or update the firmware I need to put in a regular wyze cam v3 then swap it out with the wyze camera pan v3. Thanks

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I’m with you. Assumed the V3 cameras all worked interchangeably like most other company’s products. I’ll be returning the cameras and light sockets. Making things so proprietary and having to use the Wyze accessories only and then everything is “out of stock” is incredibly frustrating for your customers.

Maybe the return rate for their gear will speak louder than this forum, which is great for venting, but seems to have zero impact on the company customer service paying attention to the Voice of the Customer.

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Another one to add my 2c… Just upgraded my Cam v3s to Cam Pan v3. I’m powering two of the cams via Lamp Socket since it is the only power source nearby.

Cam Pan v3 units seem to be working ok of the Lamp Socket (although I note on this thread that the amperage rating is in theory not high enough). But now I have no way to turn the lights on or off.


PS the weird angled USB-A socket on Lamp Socket is not an issue — regular USB cord plugs right in.


Agree 100% with this thread +1 Vote.

The light needs to be linked to the Cam Pan v3 when connected tot the lamp socket. I am going to try and buy a Wyze White Light when they are back in stock and see if I can link them through rules to activate and turn on when motion is detected.

Let me know if anyone else has tried this.

I have done this.

  • I have a camera with a trigger that is either for “detects Motion” or “Detects a person”
  • For the action I select a bulb group and tell it to “Turn on for X minutes” (like 10 minutes)
  • You can even restrict the rule to run during a certain time period (like sunset to sunrise)

Then anytime it detects motion, it will turn on the lights, and the lights will stay on until it goes x minutes without detecting any motion. So, for example, I do this to automate my office lights. If the camera detects motion or a person, the lights come on. Then they will stay on indefinitely until the camera goes at least 10 minutes without any motion/person detected, at which time it turns off the lights.

Works perfectly for me.

The only issue I could see with a Pan V3 is if you have pan scanning turned on, then technically there will be motion every time it pans to a new location, which would then turn on and keep on the light because the camera moved even though there isn’t actually anything moving but the camera.

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Sounds perfect and exactly what I was thinking. Thanks for confirming. Now I just need the white bulbs to come back in stock. Irritating to have to spend the money on the socket and the bulb.

But this will be a great solution. Thanks.


You’re welcome. Just keep in mind that, at least when I set mine up, the above actions only worked when I did it with a lighting GROUP, and not with individual bulbs. So remember to add the bulb(s) into a light group and have the action be for that light group.

Just want to make sure you don’t end up frustrated trying to do it for a single light directly and not find that rule. But even if you want to do it with a single light, just add that bulb into a group by itself and then the group will still allow that action.

Just a pro-tip to make sure you don’t get frustrated. I taught this trick to someone else and they got frustrated thinking they couldn’t do it, and didn’t realize that it was important to do it with a “group” not just the device directly, in order for it to work as I described. :+1:


Thank you so much, as I definitely would not have thought of that. Cheers!

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Add my dissatisfaction that the Pan Cam v3 won’t “fully” work with the lamp socket. It’s illogical to build a light socket that can power outdoor products and not work (fully) on all outdoor-rated products. Please fix this. In the meantime, it looks like I’ll need to add a “smart” wall switch or bulb…but why?


Agreed. I’ve added the bulb and it is “ok”. It’s a bit delayed to activate the motion detection, but it will get by. It is disappointing that the great power option cannot also serve for the motion detection and integration for the turning on and off with the socket. But it does work with the bulb group option for the trigger rules. So thanks again for the other responses that got this working (even if it was more cost to have to buy the Wyze bulb).

I really thought the Lamp Socket was the answer to “what if I want three outdoor cameras but only have one outdoor outlet?

I thought the Lamp Socket worked fully with ALL v3 cameras including the Cam Pan v3.
I read the description of the Lamp Socket over and over to be sure the Lamp Socket would work with the Cam Pan v3 before I bought them.
It does seem that the Lamp Socket will run Cam Pan, but the ability to control the light is gone.

Anyone found a 3rd party cable for the Lamp Socket that does power and data and doesn’t knock out the lamp functionality?

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