Wyze integrity in question

I placed an order for Wyze bulbs and the website showed them at $5. They rang up at $7.99. Wyze will now not honor the price that their website showed saying that the sale was over they just didn’t update their website. I have canceled my order and I’m debating on whether being a beta tester or early access member is even worth it. Integrity means a lot and I cannot believe that they will not stand behind the price that their own website showed. I have pictures and date and time stamped that I sent them to show with the picture that said five dollar bulbs and they still would not stand behind it! Wyze bulbs.pdf (389.4 KB)

We’re sorry about that. I just spoke to the team and watched a reminder get send to every agent to honor this deal. May I please have your support ticket number so I can follow up on your case?

Thank you for letting me know!


I am speaking to Sklervon chat right now who is trying to rectify the situation



Thank! Alright, if you need further assistance with this, please let me know.


@WyzeGwendolyn. I will thank you very much for stepping in so quickly and trying to help rectify the situation. This is renewing my faith in Wyze


Always happy to lend a hand. :slight_smile:



Can you please follow up with Skyler on this. For some reason our chat got disconnected and I lost him. One other thing my Apple card shows that I was double charged. I had discussed this with Jacque at customer service also and she was going to follow up on that. if you could verify that that second charge is Taken care of I would very much appreciate it Feel free to private message me or email me and I can also via email and give you a phone number if you need to reach me personally

The team was discussing this after the disconnection and it looks like multiple people jumped in to help out so you should be set. Thanks for checking in!


I wanted to put an end to this thread by saying that Wyze came through and was very very much a stand up company! They stood behind the price on the website, credited my money back quickly and was sympathetic and very VERY apologetic. I think as a younger company it was a learning experience for them and I doubt that it will ever happen again. They took great care of me and I am still loyal to Wyze and will sing their praises even more so now than before. Me and Wyze :partying_face: