Wyze hub to connect cameras to

I sometimes have issues with my internet, when that happens my cameras disconnect from my wifi. After it’s corrected I have to reconnect each camera individually. Is there a hub that I can link all of my cameras to and just reconnect the hub instead of each camera?

I think the underlying issue of internet signal needs to be fixed first. These are very internet dependant cameras so if you don’t have a quality internet signal you won’t be able to connect these cameras to even just wifi.

Once internet signal is reestablished, you should only need to (if anything) just need to power cycle the camera to force it to reconnect.

What internet equipment and wifi equipment do you have? How many total wifi clients (cameras, smart devices, tablet, computers, phones, TV, etc) are connect to your network?

I updated my system and it’s been fine but I was hoping Wyze had the same thing that Ring has. Ring has a hub that I connect my cameras and lights to so if there is an issue or outage I just have to reconnect the hub.

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