Wyze Home Monitoring Sensors Turn Off Notifications

It’s ridiculous that this even needs to be a “request” or “wish”, but notifications should be AUTOMATICALLY muted/disabled when the system is disarmed and people are at home. Otherwise users will receive hundreds of notifications each day while people are moving around the house. This “feature” is basically the first thing other home security systems implement for obvious reasons.

Users should not have to manually mute notifications on a daily basis or rely on other sensors or apps or programs to do this. It really should be AUTOMATIC and it’s crazy to think this isn’t already enabled. …



I am convinced Wyze either isn’t paying any attention, or just doesn’t have real customer service. No one has given any reason why this is not just plain wrong, but yet, it is.

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Turn off notifications for your sensors. You only need to do this once.

Defeats the purpose of having notifications. You shouldn’t have to turn them off and on for when you’re home and then when you’re gone

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So many of us have complained about this. My hub went bad so I just sent my system back. I had my motion sensor lying face down on a flat surface since I could use it to its full potential anyway without getting driven nuts with notifications and running the batteries down.

You don’t need to turn them back on. When the system is armed, you’ll get notifications.

I’ll have to give this a try and respond back once I test it out … additional confirmation could help others with a similar problem as well. Stay tuned!

Just set mine up. Turned off notifications. Set to Home, got no notification of which door was opened when alarm went off.

Yes it does. I just tested it identified front door.
Edit: it appears that a generic notification display first. Within the app it’ll state which sensor triggered the alarm with the option to enter code and cancel the alarm.

Wow! You can test my system from your place? Mine does not show which sensor caused the alarm. Only by going into the sensor group can you see which is open. No individual notification. My Ismart alarm did this very well. Hope they decide to make some changes as so many have asked for notifications to only be off when alarm is disabled.

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Just another +1 here. Definitely thought my Google search was going to take me to an answer I was silly for missing, not a hundred people saying “me too”.

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Have you tried location based rules? I have rules setup to change camera settings and notifications for different sensors depending upon whether or not I’m home.

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Absolutely, it drives me nuts!!!
C’mon Wyze… get it together!!!

Absolutely, it drives me nuts!!!
C’mon Wyze… get it together!!!

Absolutely, it drives me nuts!!!
C’mon Wyze… get it together!!!

All you need to do is disable notifications for any sensors that you wish.

I think what we are asking for is for the arm\disarm away\home state modes to be automatic triggers for disabling notifications from armed\disarmed sensors rather than to manually be toggling notifications. If I don’t want to hear from door contact sensors or motion sensors while I am home disarmed, but I do want to hear from my cams and window sensors, I should be able to tie that status change action to the disarm trigger rather than needing to take additional steps to turn these off\on.

Disabling notifications from the sensors is a global setting not affected by the alarm state and would need to be toggled back on individually for each sensor or thru an additional rule, which is still too clickey.

Yes, but those on-duty sensors will still trigger the alarm and you’ll still receive the notification that the alarm is active (and which sensor tripped the alarm). Isn’t that essentially the same?

You are absolutely correct, it is redundant. However, with the past failure of Wyze to deliver notifications in a timely manner, if at all, redundancy is a good thing.

EDIT… Also, once an alarm is tripped, any other sensor that is subsequently tripped during that alarm time would not send any notifications either.

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