Wyze Home Monitoring - Notifications


I have installed Wyze Home Monitoring a month ago and working excellent, really like it so far.
I have a question regarding the notifications. Is there any possibility to get one sensor to send me a SMS Text Message when it opens? All notifications at this time are push notifications but I would like to get a specific sensor to send me a text message.

Thank you,

As you stated, all notifications from the Wyze App are Push Notifications. Wyze does not do SMS.

You can, however, make this happen if you do the setup for it. You have a couple choices.

Use an IFTTT applet (5 free on the free app) to send an SMS when the sensor opens.

Use MacroDroid or BuzzKill apps to create a macro that sends an SMS upon receipt of the Push Notification.

If anyone knows how to get Alexa to send an SMS, I would love to know how.