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I’ve got a garage camera with sensors and PIR that tell me if the garage door has opened.
Unfortunately with all my home assistant/raspberry pi tinkering I’ve more than once left the door open all day…
The Wyze app is too easy to dismiss/not pay attention if I’m busy at work but I always read texts no matter what

Is there a way to link this? The IFTTT integration is very limited. I don’t need to be alerted via text every time. I just want to know if it’s been open more than 10min. I have that as an alert in the Wyze app but as I mentioned it’s easily ignored if I’m busy
There are many integrations I can see from home assistant but unfortunately my garage sensors are too far from my pi to be picked up and therefore rely only on IFTT

You shouldn’t need IFTTT for that… My garage door is sensed multiple ways, like a contact sensor on the garage door, motion from my Front Door camera looking out a window inside my house, a PIR sensor over my front door facing the garage door, and my Driveway camera which is in the middle of the action and outside my house. They all scream bloody murder with multiple alerts from the Wyze app when they all sound at the same time if someone approaches or opens the garage door.

So why is a Pi is charge, and not a camera with a bridge? Should be sensors to camera-with-bridge, to router, to Wyze, to you. I don’t even have to use IFTTT for any of that. IFTTT has delays too.

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I’m not sure you read my whole post.

I don’t want in app notifications, I want something an SMS service that I need to acknowledge. The wyze app goes silent after I’ve opened my phone once for something else. I’m on my feet constantly us8ng my phone over a 10-12h shift so those alerts are easily dismissed. I’m not sure what you consider screaming bloody murder, but I can very easily ignore the single chime of a wyze notification, but I’m one of those OCD people that can not ignore a mailbox that has unread or sms icon with a badge.

I too have a contact sensor, a garage cam and a PIR all in there. Also as I said, ifttt has very limited functions, so I’m looking for an alternative.

A raspberry pi is in charge because the wyze devices it has connected to it gives me way more customizable control than the wyze app. I have automations to announce states Via google home about sensors I need to know about in the while I’m home, like if my front gate is opened, or I get mail while I’m home. The cameras have RTSP going to my Pi also and local recording vs a microsd. The wyze app cannot even come close. Their sensors are compact and affordable, but very reliant on bridge proximity. The garage is not because it is out of range of the sensor bridge for the Pi

If the Sense Bridge is plugged into the PI, perhaps you can change the HA WyzeSence code to send a SMS message. I am currently looking into something similar using an ESP32 microcontroller using TextBelt’s SMS API to fire off sms messages.