Wyze Home Cloud Server

How do I get access to the cloud ? I’ve followed the directions to the events in the app but nothing?

Challenge to develop a Local Wyze-Cam server product

Of all the IoT products Wyze produces, the cameras are the most vulnerable to AWS outages. Reliance on AWS means that Wyze cameras can never be relied upon for “real” (commercial) security applications; since an AWS iutage or even a deliberate DDoS attack can render the cameras useless; and create a potential legal liability.

Wyze should develop a non-cloud network server product, that can be physically hosted either on a user’s local network or at a remote network location. This “Wyze Cam Server” should have the following capabilities:

  • Users should have the ability to pair cameras and the Wyze app to the server; instead of the cloud.

  • The server should be able to pull & store firmware updates, and then push them to paired cameras; without user intervention.

  • The server should be able to support software update subscriptions; ensuring that Wyze is able to recoup their development expenses.


I totally understand the technical limitations of trying to get a tiny camera to do all the amazing things you want it to do.

So maybe instead of spending tons of time and money trying to get more advanced features like facial recognition to work on your current cameras, produce a hub device that has the horsepower to do the heavy lifting. It probably wouldn’t need to be much more than a raspberry pi or even a NUC style SOC but would providing you with the power and platform to easily perform those advanced features.

The device could connect via ethernet or WIFI to the same network as the cameras. Once adopted in the Wyze app, it would link up to all the cameras and then start providing those more advanced functions.

Imagine getting an alert like “Stranger on the back patio trying to open the door.”

This can be done.

I would like the option to install on my local server the wyze server application and point my devices to the server application for control of all my wyze devices locally.
Routing devices could be done by simply redirecting the device via the router.
This would provide local storage for event recording with the ability to specify how long to record per event.
It would handle its own processing for motion/sound or other device detection.
It would provide local control of devices like bulbs.
Having this option would fulfill the design of the wyze system as a whole.
While this option would not be for everyone and have some base requirements like Static IP for remote connection a server and moderate technical ability it would provide local hosting to those of us who would rather not have personal video stored on the wyze cloud.

In the end form function would remain nearly the same with storage and processing load being removed from the Wyze servers.

It would also defeat their subscription service and kill their income so I don’t see this happening.

There will always be those without the resources or knowhow so no it wouldn’t defeat the subscription service, it would just give more flexibility to those who already have a server running at home which is not something the general population has. It would only require open sourcing their server software like they are already doing with their cams

I suspect they would have to evaluate how much resources it would free up versus how much lost income in subscriptions. I know personally I’d be all over it. I run a massive in-home lab.

The fact that this topic is so old (pre-pandemic), speaks volumes about Wyze. To be succinct, all anyone wants, is for their cameras not to be vulnerable to AWS outages. A good-faith effort on the part of Wyze, would be to add a simple SMTP server to the cameras, a la Amcrest; so that users can at least be notified of activity, via email.


Local hosted Wyze server

So I love Wyze products even through the bugs and lack of features because I believe it has potential and see growth. I want to be able to use Wyze on a local server instead of being required to use the cloud. Even if Wyze provides a proprietary hub since there is no Z-Wave or Zigbee integration. I want the option to host everything locally and not have my data on the internet. The possibility is there because I see signs of it with the home monitoring but appears to just not be enabled.