Wyze Home Cloud Server

I am paying attention respectfully you are misunderstanding me. I am agreeing with you but you seem to keep missing that fact. :grin:

I get that currently you lose control with all vendors without internet. What I’m saying is it’s by design. Some of us in the group are advanced and able to run this on our own if giving the chance. Many of us would love to cut out the middle man. I’ve got more technology in house than many businesses. I run local dns, radius. Web. Ftp. Video. audio. Virus. And vpn servers. I’ve got mesh on the property. My home is fully automated. I’m sure I’m not the only one and there probably many who are more extreme than I am. I’d venture to say my backroom has more capacity than the local wireless isp.

Ok I guess my English and yours are different. I understand what you are saying. I truly do. I agree with what you are saying, I truly do.

For whatever reason you seem to want to argue with me agreeing with you? Ok but I really was not looking for an argument.

I am not sure what more I can say. Have a nice day.

I guess we had a misunderstanding. It was not my intention to argue with anyone.

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There are a few home automation hobbyists who will spend a lot of time setting up servers and connections and programming everything. Then there are a lot people who just want to look at their camera feed on their phone from time to time. Capitalism follows the money.


It does indeed!

Complex issue, but one way to go IF this is something that will be considered, is an app on a NAS like Synology (yes, not cheap but hard to find anything better).

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After seeing the patent trolls knocking recently, having an in-home option to ensure our products don’t become useless should something happen to the company is a lot more attractive.

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YES, some method to store video to our own storage in real time would be great.

Sorry to dredge up this old post, but with a Hue hub you do not lose local control when the internet is down.

Similarly, a Wyze “hub” could work identically and would be awesome with full local control and without the constraints of the current RTSP implementation. I could chose when/or if I would want to connect to Wyze servers for software firmware upgrades.

Why bother? Just don’t buy a cloud connected device if it concerns you? There are literally dozens of camera vendors on Amazon for instance that sell regular IP cameras.

I don’t understand why people buy a product that is cloud connected and then want it to be optional? Just buy a device that is not cloud connected and all your worries are gone.

Not picking on anyone here I am just truly puzzled.

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It is a wish list item, so why not? Added functionality/options are just that. I like options.

I knew what I was getting when I purchased the cameras, but I can always wish! (and I don’t have expectations) Each added functionality I have gotten so far has been just a bonus. It is generally a bad idea to buy products with the expectation/promise of future options, but it would not hurt my feelings if they did introduce this option.

This was in no way a dig on Wyze or anything. Mainly, I just wanted to let you know that your Hue lights still work without internet, you just can’t control them remotely or with other cloud based integrations.

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My Hue integrations all stop working when my internet goes down. I can control them via the Hue app but not Alexa or IFTTT which is what I rely on. But I am not terribly worried about it. They can’t be cloud connected if someone takes the cloud away I guess. :grin:

Yeah, if you are using Alexa, GH, IFTTT ect, or third party apps then yes you will lose control of them without internet. Mine all respond to motion sensors and contact sensors.

I have Alexa and GH since my wife likes them, but almost everything is automated now so I don’t use voice commands much. Anytime I do I try to find a way I can avoid it in the future.

What use my hands? That’s like a baby toy. Lol!

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Ah, I have found the opposite to be true. Voice commands are much more flexible. Routines and automation tends to be great for things that are repeatable but not much use for adhoc things. Don’t get me wrong I have many routines and automations but I prefer the flexibility of voice control.

I still don’t see why more of these features can’t be localized. Even Xiaomi is moving towards a more localized system with their new Zigbee 3.0 multimode hubs with basic functionality remaining with connectivity disruption.
It’s not difficult to implement. I start to wonder why it is not being implemented along with what gains there are with all of the usage data and camera streams being available to them at all times with no option of making it internally available. There’s also the issue of restricting access to our own logs

I agree voice commands can be great for more ad hoc situations. I will say that with enough sensors and types of sensors most need for voice commands have been eliminated for us. I think where we used voice commands in the past mostly was for light levels/colors, but now I have the lights keep track of mode (night, morning, etc.) and of lux levels so they adjust accordingly. Using power monitoring when my TV comes on a sets a scene for optimal viewing. A power monitor for my phone charger sets “sleep time” when I charge my phone by the bed, this in turns checks that the doors are closed and locked and that the windows are closed. That has eliminated most voice commands I use.

I haven’t really been paying too much attention to what Xiaomi has been doing, I will have to look at that. For me local control is far superior and maybe if enough people vote we can get a “bridge” for our devices. I am not really optimistic though as Wyze seems to be moving toward locking in users to their ecosystem and if the subscription model is successful I only see less support for this.

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I find you can only get so far with automation given the current state of most systems. Schedules get disrupted, company comes over, it turns overcast, someone is ill and sleeps later or earlier etc etc etc…

It is getting better but it has a ways to go yet.

Wyze is loosing customers due to the RTSP issue and moving over to subscription issue. Yes it is all about profit. There will always be people who want it simple and go with the subscription but for those who are more technical I don’t know why Wyze can’t offer a firmware jailbreak that offers RTSP for a one off fee of say 10 bucks that would also be updated when needed. It would be a win win for early Wyze adopters and those still looking for a reasonably priced cam that supports RTSP. I know I would like a solution to have a cloud on a Pi 4 for my Wyze cams and may be looking into another brand to do that.