Wyze Headphones Won't Connect to My Apple Devices Reliably

I’ve had the headphones since pre-launch and I really like them. Problem is they never seem to connect to the device I want to use them with. I use them with my AppleTV, MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad. I have to re-pair them with each device every time I try to switch between. For example if I want to watch Apple TV the headphones show up as a paired device but cant connect, so I have to forget the device and re-pair. That works for AppleTV, but the next day I want to use with my Laptop, and the headphones are paired already but can’t connect. So I have to forget and re-paid. Same thing with my iPhone and iPad. Every time I want to use a different device I have to re-pair, even though its always the same 4 devices.
Is there some limit to the devices Wyze headphones can remember?
App and Firmware is up to date on headphones (21143) and all my devices (iOS 15.1, Monterey 12.0.1, iPadOS 15.1, tvOS 15.1.1)