Wyze Headphones Connecting

I have a question, i have the wyze headphones and every time i turn them on they auto connect to my iphone which i absolutely love.

however if i restart my phone, it loses connection which is obvious but it doesn’t connect back when my phone turns on. i have to manually connect, is this intended or am i doing something wrong?

i have a older headset that connects automatically after reboot and am wondering if this headset supports it or not.

genuinely curious
thank you

Welcome klifford. I’m noticing the same under iOS 14.3. I’ve been turning the headphones off and back on to get it to reconnect after iPhone reboot, only because it takes less time.

I don’t experience this problem under Android… restart and the headphones connect back up automatically.

I don’t know if this is inherent to iOS or a bug. Maybe some of the @Mavens have some insight to this?

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Saw the tag, don’t have the headphones, no experience with them sorry!. Good luck!

I only use android…no experience with them on IOS. sorry I can’t help.

thanks :slight_smile:

ahh ok, no worries

how does it work on android tho

I connected through Bluetooth through the Bluetooth settings on my phone like I would any other Bluetooth device. And once they were connected there I set them up through the app. Once they are connected through Bluetooth the settings on the app show up and you can connect to them and play with the settings on the app.

Basically think of Bluetooth for the headphones analogous to the Wi-Fi for all the other devices. It’s just a different type of connection

yeah i’m curious why it won’t auto connect `after reboot

i swear i think my Sennheiser 2 connected automatically to my iPhone after reboot

not a huge issue, i never reboot practically. but was wondering if it’d a software bug on wyze side