Wyze Headphones V2

I’ve had my first pair of Wyze Headphone die from water/sweat—I wore them outside working in the rain and also wore them a few times on the indoor bike trainer and they definitely got sweat on :sweat:

Would be great to have an version of the headphones which were IPX4 (or above) rated.

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Some of my ideas:

  • Other color options (nice to have, but not a must)
  • longer battery life (always great if possible, but the battery life is excellent now!)
    I’ll edit if more come to mind
    Remember: Wyze hasn’t announced plans for V2 headphones yet, this is just some ideas.

I would like to see battery integrated into iPhone, Im wishing right! Also if there was a way to ping or locate the headset when lost.

The dedicated Pause/Play button is fine when you only use it occasionally. But finding requires feel for the button, making frequent use awkward. Tapping the right earcup, in contrast, is much more convenient. Please consider adding a user-selectable option in the app Settings menu for how the right earcup touch control functions.

The first option for the right earcup touch control would function just as it does today. That is, 2-taps will launch the voice assistant.

A new second option would change the right earcup touch control to Pause/Play. One-tap for Pause/Play, two-taps to jump Forward, three-taps to jump Back. (The user can still press and hold the pause/play button to activate the voice assistant.)

I purchased Wyze Headphones immediately at launch. I was happy the microphone bug was worked out quickly as I used them daily on TEAMS calls. Unfortunately today was the last day, after a fatal crack in the plastic made these unusable. I would like to see some design improvements in the V2 of the headphones. It seems there is a lot of stress concentrated at the metal hinge where it connects to the plastic frame. I was okay with a small piece of plastic breaking off but over time it gave way. I am very tempted to buy a new pair while they are on sale, but I will explore the market before making my decision.

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