Wyze headphones unbalancing Left/Right Audio Gain

I am using Wyze headphones with an Apple MacBook Pro. Recently I started noticing the audio levels becoming wildly different between right and left channels. It turns out that when I use the volume control on the Mac, the Wyze output channels are affected in an unbalanced manner. If you use the Apple Audio MIDI Setup application, it exposes two individual volume controls, left and right. If I scrub the right channel back and forth, the Wyze headphone system drives the left channel away in the opposite direction (proper action would be for each channel control to be independent of the other). I’ve submitted a support request, but I’m curious if any other Mac user sees this? (I’ll try to attach a short video showing this behavior with some voice narration).

I have a balance issue that may be related. This seems to have started after the last firmware update.

When in Active Noise Cancelation or Transparency Mode, the balance is way to the right. This is even not connected to any device.
IE. If they are in ANC or TM my head want to tilt to the right cause my left ear feels “under water”.

So how does it react on your Mac when you switch between the 3 modes, ANC, TM, and off.

sgocken - Thanks for your idea. I just tested all three modes and I find that the L/R level controls exhibit the same anomalous behavior in each of the three modes; does not seem to make a difference

I do want to say thanks for the response, I have posted questions in the past but no responses: It looks like I have been noticing problems that just simply do not trouble others.

I seem to have the same problem with 2 pairs of the pro. Both are unbalanced mine are heavier on the left. I noticed it immediately after dropping a bud and or the case with them inside. ?

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