Headphones dead on one side

I recently received the wyze headphones and have been enjoying them for several days without issue. This morning I pulled the left side away from my ear (placed it on my head behind my ear) for a few seconds to have a conversation with someone and now that side is totally dead. I am not getting any sound output and ANC is not functioning on that side as well. Seems that something in that motion confused the headphones. I tried the troubleshooting steps of:

  1. powering off the headphones and force closing the app and then turning back on 10 minutes later (while keeping my phone nearby the whole time)
  2. holding the ANC button for 7 seconds (interestingly sometimes that gave me split second of sound on the left),
  3. unpairing/re-pairing the bluetooth connection on my phone
  4. deleting and completely setting back up in the wyze app

None of these steps seemed to fix the problem. I was about to give up and was in the process of emailing support when I decided to try the steps I mentioned above in this sequence:

  1. Unpair from bluetooth
  2. Remove the headphones from Wyze app
  3. Set up fresh (at this point I was still only getting sound on the right)
  4. Press and hold the ANC button for 7 seconds
    … and step #4 finally seems to have fixed the issue! Fingers crossed for now but I’ll take the win. Decided to post this for anyone else who runs into the same problem

And now that I’ve taken them on and off a couple more times I’ve discovered that there seems to be a short in how the left earpiece articulates. The left ear is cutting out depending on what angle the ear cup is turned… I did the above steps that seemed to fix the issue with the headphones firmly in place so I don’t know if that had actually worked or if the force of me pushing on the ANC button was enough to (temporarily) make a firm connection in the short. Looks like I’m going to be emailing support anyways… :frowning:

I’m having a similar but slightly different issue. My headphones play sound out of both sides on my iPhone, but on my Macbook they only play out of the right ear. Super annoying since I use these for Zoom calls. It only started recently. Did you ever get a solution from Wyze?

Yes. Mine were replaced. There was a bad connection in the wiring internally from what I could tell because the issue persisted regardless of the device it was connected to or the troubleshooting steps taken. The replacement pair has worked flawlessly for the past year.

If yours are having issues with one specific device I’d lean towards digging through the settings on the MacBook really thoroughly. Also see if it’s happening regardless of whether you’re using Bluetooth or wired connection. I don’t use apple products so can’t help you much on the MacBook settings but maybe Wyze support can help more there

This is an old post, but for anybody having an issue when the headphones don’t work with the Macbook air but do work with their Iphone, I found another solution. I went to settings and clicked the “sound” option on the Macbook air. Make sure the headphones are playing sound and are connected to the macbook, and under “Output” on the top, there is a sliding bar labeled “Balance”. With my headphones, the bar was somehow slid all the way to the right, which is why it wasn’t playing sound on the left side. Readjust the balance to the center and it fixed my issue! Might need to mess with the volume after, though. Hope this helps anyone who has this issue! Also, if you have issues with the volume being stuck on one volume level, just disconnect the headphones and reconnect them! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much