Wyze Headphones - Travel Case?

I’m looking for a hard shock-proof case for my new headphones. Any suggestion ?

Listening in a hurricane? Pole vault?


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I’m sure you could find one on Amazon.
This would be a great idea for the #wishlist! I’d vote for it too.

I absolutely love these headphones. But I am looking for a hard travel case that these headphones will fit in. It’s trial and error shopping on Amazon and seeing if they fit. If anyone finds a case that these headphones fit in nicely, please post the brand, where bought and preferably a link to the case. Thank you

I bought the one from Amazon basics:


It is a little bit taller than needed but it does the job.


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This comes in 2 sizes. May I ask which one you bought?


A friend of mine got this one:

A like it that it is slim cause headphones are stored unfolded.



Thank you!