Wyze Headphones hard travel case

It would be great if Wyze would make a hard travel case for the headphones. I’m searching Amazon for such a case but it’s trial and error finding a case that fit these great headphones.

That is a great idea. This soft case is a snug fit and kind of a hassle to get in/out. But the headphones themself seem great so far for $50. I just got mine today on Sunday and so have barely used them yet. But an optional hard case from Wyze or a 3rd party company would be nice.

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I found one that fits almost perfectly. The height is a tad snug but it closes easily. The name is LTGEM EVA Hard Case

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06ZZ1Q52R/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1!Wyze case|375x500

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Just got this case from Amazon Basic and they fit great.


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Thank you. Which size did you get? 7.3x5.7x4.1 or 8.6x7.5x3.6?

I just got the 7.3" x 5.7" x 4.1" and it fits great.


Headphone case purchase separately

Just saw headphones have specific cases now and appear to be $10 additional when you bundle with headphone purchase. I already have the headphones, can you makes cases available separately please?


I 2nd this! :slight_smile: Also, can you make the separate case available in Canada too?

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Same question! We own 4 pairs of the headphones and want cases too! Different color cases would be helpful for families trying to keep them separate as well (ie black, white, red, blue) especially with kids!

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We need to build up supply for the cases before we can sell them separately. But if you’re looking for a bundle with new Wyze Headphones, we’ve got you covered as of today!


@bruceflea76 i use paracord or varying colours tied/lashed to the zipper pull or lanyard loop of cases to differentiate. I sometimes get fancy and braid a small keychain for this purpose.

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@UserCustomerGwen i just had 2 x headphones in black shipped to my place via Wyze Canada. Can I return them both for black with cases? I don’t even mind buying the new ones today/tm, so that they arrive before Christmas. Then deal with a return a day or 2 later. Does this fly?

Please provide a hard case for the headphones

I saw this on Amazon. Seems to be made for the Wyze headphones but it does not seem to have a handle or a loop for carrying.

Seems crazy that we’ve been after a hard case for almost two years, and Wyze is still “needing to build up supply”? I purchased four headphones on release, and three are now broken. Its a product; make it available. A rare misstep from Wyze

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Offer headphone travel case separately

I was informed you can’t purchase the travel case for your noise canceling headphones separately. Could you please offer this option. Thank you.


I purchased a case on Amazon for $11. Works fine

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