Wyze Headphones Travel Case Accessory from Wyze

Hi there Wyze Community!

I just noticed Wyze released an optional hard case for the Wyze Headphones with an additional 10 USD when you purchase the Headphones.

What about us, customers who supported Wyze during the launch of the product, how can we get our hands in one of those travel cases as accessories?

I didn’t find the option of it being sold separately on the website.

Thank you for your support.


Currently it is not sold separately, I will let them know you would like that option



I think most of the current Wyze Headphones owners would like to buy it separately.

I currently use an aftermarket hard case but it doesn’t fit the product right and it smashes the pads badly, a built to fit case would be perfect.

Thank you

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Add me to this list. Bummed it isn’t being sold separately


Spoke to CS today and they indicated that they will in future.
Looking forward to order.


Any idea what the future means?


I would like to buy the travel case also.

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I am also interested in the custom case seems like early supporters of the headphones should be able to order a case, as it was not an option originally.

I am also in this boat as an early adopter/pre-order. My customer service agent sent me the link to the forum to up vote in the wish list to make the case available as a standalone accessory. It would be nice if Wyze would make it available to those of us who pre-ordered at a discount or gratis for supporting the company early on. If not, maybe a moderator or fellow forum member could recommend a non-Wyze case.

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I am in total agreement with you. As a Wyze advocate, I believe Wyze would get a more positive buzz on sending them free.

Any update on when we can purchase the case separately? It’s been nearly a year.

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Adding another vote to the list! :slight_smile: Got the headphones without the case due to the headphones with the case being out of stock. Would love to protect my purchase with the Wyze-design hard case!