Wyze Headphones - Static, Clicking, and Whine in Left Channel

I purchased a pair of Wyze Headphones and received them last week. Although I have been overall impressed with the feature-set, today my left ear cup/channel has been producing static, clicking, and a high pitched whine when using Active Noise Cancellation. I have power cycled the headphones, cleared the bluetooth devices, unpaired from my phone and Macbook, tried using only one device at a time, and tried it with no devices connected and the static, clicking and whine persist.

Firmware: 2.1.121
Plugin Version: 1.4.5

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to resolve the issue?

I have a click only in the left muff and only with noise cancellation on or in transparency mode. The click stops when in the third, noise cancellation off mode. This is obviously a software issue.