Wyze Headphones - Noise Cancelling but Calls Hear It

The Noise Cancelling is great… except that some times the person I’m on the phone with hears the outside side amplified. For example, I had music playing on a speaker in the back ground but I couldn’t hear it at all. The person that I was on the phone with said it was Deafening. I’ve also had multiple complaints about the windchimes on my patio. Once again, i can’t hear them at all but the people I’m on the phone with say they are louder than my voice.

I don’t see why you’d expect anything different. Active noise canceling is based on countering the sound waves entering your ears.

I don’t know whether the Wyze headphone mics have noise cancellation for your transmissions (they very well may) but I wouldn’t expect it to be as effective as the ANR in the phones.

And of course the physical cups are sparing you a lot too.

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No, the compact mobile version.


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I am having the same issue. The people on the other end of my conversation say the noises in my room (other people working) are amplified. The website shows these headphones have Voice Isolating mics - it appears to be a software bug.

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