Headphones Wind Noise

I just received my headphones and immediately tried them during a walk. There was just a slight breeze but it created an annoying wooshing sound. It didn’t matter what the noice canceling setting was. If I held my hands in front of my ears blocking the breeze the noise stopped. When I got home and indoors I was able to recreate the sound by just waving a paper pad like a fan. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix? if not I will be returning these.

This made me curious so I put my headphones on and sat in front of a fan. Sure enough, really loud wind noise sound in the ears. Next I tried waving a book like a fan and, while of course not as loud, could hear the same thing. I agree it would make these not work well at all outside in any kind of breeze. Indoors, on an airplane/train, they’re still awesome.

I just noticed it’s a tad breezy out today, so I stepped outside and yep, these won’t work outside whatsoever unless there’s no wind.

This is my first pair of over-the-ear headphones, so I have nothing to compare to. Does this happen with all over-the-ear headphones? Or is it unique to the Wyze headphones?

Same thing happened to me. About a 4 mph wind and lots of wind noise in my headphones. If they can’t fix this, I want a refund.

I did a little google research and both Sony and Bose have reports of the same problem. It has something to do with the microphones that are part of the active noise cancelling system. I tried taping over all the little holes as an experiment but I still got the wind noise. You would think that when noise cancelling is turned off the problem would go away but it doesn’t. It would be nice if Wyze would comment but they have not responded here or to my direct inquiry.
The noise cancelling works well so I am resigned to using these as an indoor-only set of headphones, which is a shame because I wanted to use them primarily outdoors. If I had known of this issue I would never had purchase them but have decided to keep them only because of the price. If they had cost any more I would be sending them back.

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Perhaps the problem with the Wyze is it’s either doing ANC or it’s doing transparency mode. There’s no option to simply turn off both ANC and transparency mode and go into standard dumb headphone mode. So the mics will always be picking up the wind noise regardless of the mode.

Maybe they could add a fourth mode to disable the mics so it works better outdoors?

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I’m experiencing the same issue as others. Even brisker walk during calm day you can hear the noise, when I turn my head to the side the wind noise stops. It might have something to do with aerodynamics of the whole frame. Forget using transparency mode while walking you hear constant wind noise. As others stated regardless what settings you use its still there.

Yes, same here. So frustrating! I have a cheap pair of WorkTunes and they have ZERO wind noise!

Does your WorkTunes have Active Noise Cancelling with 6 microphones? I’m not seeing those headphones with these features.

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No they don’t but I need the wind blockage more than the Wyze “bells and whistles”. I use them for bike riding and can’t stand wind noise in my ears.

Yeah, I hear ya. I wish you could turn off both Noice Cancelling and Transparency so the mics weren’t active at times when outside.

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I don’t understand? I taped over all the holes and it made no difference in the wind noise? I use my WorkTunes with my Polaris Slingshot. I can cruise down the freeway going 80 and they block out all the wind and road noise. I can actually hear the words to the songs!

The wind noise you’re hearing is due to the external microphones. Other headphones, Air Pod Pros for example, have Noise Cancellation, Transparency, and Off Modes. “Off” acts more like “dumb” headphones. Even covering up the mics, they will still pic up sound through the plastics.

This is of course, from my own testing.


I found this doing a Google search:

Though one area noise cancelling headphones can struggle with is wind . Wind can be noise , but because noise cancelling headphones typically have microphones on the outside of the headphones to cancel out the collective sounds they hear, wind can often get the better of noise cancelling headphones .Jul 11, 2019

I wonder if a foam cover would work? Or some other kind of cover?

I think the only real “fix” would be a firmware update to add “Off” to disable the mics when needed. If you find a temporary solution, please post here for others to try. :grin:

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From a Google search, Sony recently did a software update for their headphones to fix the wind noise issue on their WH-1000XM3 headphones. Hopefully with enough complaints, Wyze will try to fix it. I submitted an email to tech support at Wyze through the app informing them about the noise.

I encourage everyone else to contact Wyze to complain.

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Simple solution, some noise cancelling headphones to wear over the Wyze noise canceling headphones. Several choices on the market:

images(3) images(2) proxy-image(14)


I received a very generic reply from Wyze about this annoying issue. In the email they just went over the instructions on how to turn the transparency mode off and on, and how to double tap, etc. They didn’t address the issue so I replied by restating the issue.

Please generate your own issue reports through the Wyze app to get their attention. I bought these to use outside, and the wind noise is so irritating that I’m not using them.

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So I have this problem like everyone else. But you know what’s interesting. When I go into a data center the headphones can handle the steady drone of thousands of servers. I guess it’s just the wind blowing over the mics.