Wyze Headphones in White and Wyze Headphones in Black with Travel Case Bundle Launched! 12/9/21

Hey, friend! Looking for that perfect last-minute holiday gift?

Well, look no further… Meet Wyze Headphones White and our Wyze Headphones Black with Travel Case bundle, shipping now!


I’ve seen a topic going around about these not being distributed in Canada yet.

Is this true? If so, is there a reason for this? The topic I read might have been an old one, but considering the white headphones came out recently, I doubt that’s the case. No, I do not live in Canada, I’m just curious about this. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

The white looks nice,
– Fishy :fish:

Any plans to sell the Headphones Travel Case separately? :pray:


Not at this time, but I have forwarded on that people are already asking for it to be sold separately (including me lol)


@Fishy , we’re still ramping up our Canadian supplies of things! I don’t think new products will make their way over there quite yet but we’re really excited to add more of our product line as we can. I honestly love that you asked about this even though you’re not in Canada. :slightly_smiling_face:


Alright, thanks, Gwendolyn!

I already own a pair of black Wyze Headphones, so I have no interest in the white ones. However, Is there a reason why they’re $10 more expensive than their black counterparts? Is it another manufacturing change or is there a unique capability of the white headphones?

The classic black headphones also increased in price. I’m aware of the eMail sent out regarding materials and increased prices, but that already happened. The price of the headphones increased again. Not sure at what point, but I remember when they were ~$67 (Post Material Increase).

With all due respect,
– Fishy :fish:

Great news about the new case for the headphones.
Any chance that we would be able to purchase the
case alone without the headphones. Much better
Protection than the fabric bag mine came with. Love the headphones.

I love my Wyze headphones that I bought as a preorder. Please offer the hard case so us early adopters can safely travel with them.

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