Wyze headphones - CA get black only - US has black, white and bl w/ case

With the understanding that Wyze has finally just rolled out an eshop for Canada. But here’s the thing, limited products, already hurt enough, but the shop just got launched, and black headphones were the only option. And now, about 3ish weeks later, the black with a carry case, or white headphones are launched? I would have bought them via the U store, if I knew there would be other options.

Ok, so why am I posting? I think I just needed to vent. Still some growing up needed on the Wyze end, as this haphazard launch, business is too rudimentary (read still needs to grow up).

Am I alone here in my thoughts?

//Canada, in the cold
(not punny)

That may be because they haven’t been distributed to Canada yet.

To my knowledge, Wyze has been a mainly US company. Wouldn’t be surprised if they just didn’t get to other countries yet. I say, be patient. I doubt Wyze is going to completely neglect Canada’s supply of the white headphones and the case.

Hope this helped,
– Fishy :fish:

Alright, new information.

Asked one of the moderators about this topic. They said the products wouldn’t be in Canada for awhile.

– Fishy

Sigh :pensive:. Might have to keep the 2 careless units I have under the tree. Then get separate cases once they make em available.

Thanks everyone