Wyze Headphones beep and volume increase

I have had my headphones for maybe 1 month. I am now receiving a beep every 1-2 seconds or so. When I connect them to my iPad or iPhone or both the beeping starts right away. If I play something on either device, the beeping stops but then the volume keeps increasing until maxed out. I can turn it down from the device but it just continues to increase. Basically, I can’t use these. Any suggestions?

Sounds as if your volume up button is shorted. It keeps being pressed, trying to increase your volume past maximum. Thus the beeping?

Unfortunately, when I use the buttons on the headphones - nothing changes either. They don’t even turn off when the power button is pressed. They do turn on after they shut off - but that’s it.

That’s my point though. It sounds as if your buttons are messed up. If you didn’t get them wet then maybe it’s time for a return.

Thanks for the advise. I did submit a return request. No I didn’t get them wet. I do like them when they did work so I hope for an exchange. Thanks again.

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