I'm hearing a beep 1x a minute. Anyone else? (Wyze Headphone)

Hi all!

I love my headphones but I am hearing a beep 1x a minute. It happens once in a while, but it has started happening more frequently. Has anyone else had this happen?

60% battery life
I’ve unpaired and re-paired.



me too!
i have contacted support for help and got the generic reset options that i have done already

i asked if there is a way to disable the beeping as i find it unnecessary and the fact that it’s tripping is so annoying. i don’t need it beeping every freaking minute all day.
hopefully an update will allow us to disable it or something.

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Thank you! at least I am not crazy. It is frustrating, as I really do love these headphones. They’re the best i’ve ever had. I thought they had something to do with notifications, but that’s not it! lol

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i googles this issue and am surprised i found one result being yours.

i love them too but hate the annoying beep :confused:

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Same issue. It is driving me insane. Any solve??

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not as of yet
i am in contact with support which is really pointless

i hope they disable the beeping sound it’s utterly annoying and useless and i’m on the brink of starting a refund process and returning them

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I was hearing beeping today too. I thought that it might be because I was connected to both my phone and laptop at the same time. I didn’t have time to figure it out because I was in class, so I just turned them off and listened to my lecture out loud.

My brother and I both bought headphones in the same order, but he hasn’t mentioned any beeping. I’ve only used them a few times so far, but he has been using his set for the past three weeks or so.

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yeah i don’t know how normal is supposed to be but i do know that it isn’t supposed to beep once every minute

i have reset all my connections and stopped using 2 connections because i rarely use my ipad anyways and the fact that it’s always connected to my headphones when i’m listening to music on iphone is a bit annoying. Like let’s say i’m charging iPhone and wana quickly watch some videos but not listen using headphones , than i gotta turn bluetooth off and even when i go on workout every day i notice that when it’s connected to iPad it loses connection as soon as i leave the house and keeps adding extra beeping on top of what is already happening

so i just stopped using it with 2 connections and just my phone

kinda annoyed with beeping at this point i wish they disabled it permanently via software update

i honestly couldn’t care about the beeping being present so i want it removed

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Based on some testing today. I am hearing a beep every time a text message is received or when bluetooth is reconnected from my iPhone. This is happening even if I have the text thread set to hide alerts.

Is this what others are experiencing?

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I connected my phone via bluetooth and then my PC via bluetooth and I was getting a beep about every 30 seconds while listening to stream on PC. I turned off the bluetooth on my phone and the beep stopped. Mic is amazingly horrible, sounds worse than a can on a string if it works at all. Transition between 2 bluetooth devices is unbelievably inconsistent and I do not know the proper procedure to switch between devices. Hand covering ear to disable noise suppression does not work on PC, seems to only work sometimes when on phone. Sound isn’t bad, actually pretty good otherwise but it seems there are some issues still with these. Come on WYZE, we need an update!!!

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I am having the same issue as well. Cant figure out why its happening, thought it was low battery but no, battery is at 90% and still happening. Im testing out only having this connected to one device at a time (iphone and ipad are normally both connected, so disconnecting one actually seems to help, but i dont want to have to turn my bluetooth on and off my ipad everytime i want to use this on my iphone. I know, first world problem, but still shouldnt be beeping)

I have a strange beep also, but it seems to only come when I’m talking on the phone. When I’m watching shows on my IPad no beeps. But when I talk I get the beep, even when there’s not a second active connection. It’s very annoying because it’s so loud compared to the phone calls…

Same issue here, works great with phone, but when connected to calls via laptop, there is this beeping every min. I have disabled all other connected devices and now my headphones are only connected to the laptop.

I’m also in the same boat. When connected to just my iPhone, it works fine, no beeping. Connected to my MacBook Pro, I hear a beep every minute or so regardless if it’s the only device the headphones are connected to or not.

I’m currently on Firmware version 2.1.112

This just started happening today on my headphones after upgrading to 2.1.126. Before that it was fine. Now on laptop calls I hear the beep once every minute. I also had the headphones crash during the call and drop out another time as well. What a mess all of a sudden!

I started hearing this today after having them from launch. It’s the same beep that it makes when it establishes a connection. I got it to stop, here’s what happened.

-Prior to today, I had it connected to phone and PC
-Got a smartwatch and connected it to headphones to try it out
-It worked, then I decided to unpair from watch.
-Turned headphones off
-When I turned them back on, the beeping wouldn’t stop, even after restarting
-The only thing that solved this was disconnecting and reconnecting my phone
-If this keeps happening I’ll probably need to clear the paired list by holding the pause button I believe is how you do it.

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In addition to the annoying beeping while on calls, mine also intermittently cuts out then I hear the voice “connected” can’t say how frequent this is but I’d guess once per 20min. And this has happened while on the newest current firmware while sitting at my office desk and my phone on the desk charger.
No distance changes and not touching the phone or headphones… weird

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Yes I’m having the exact same behavior. I had. 30 min webex call this past Friday and my headphones crashed twice during the call. And the beeping was 1x/min throughout. Losing my mind. Very unstable firmware all of a sudden!!!

Had the issue start today and it started after I told my iPhone 12 to “Forget this device”. From that point whenever I was near my phone it would start to beep. I disabled Bluetooth on my phone and the beeping stopped. My theory is that the iPhone has a “Forget” option, but the headphones don’t. They see the AMC address of the Bluetooth radio that it’s connected to in the past and keeps trying like a petulant child.

If I then reconnect to bluetooth on the iPhone, and then “Forget” the device again while still connected it seemed to work and remove the device from the headphone memory. So to test that I paired it again to the phone, turned the headphones offm “Forget” the device and I’m waiting to hear the beep.

Either way, my money is on some sort of quick connect code they have running to pair quickly with known devices and likely a bug where it isn’t removing paired connections from memory if things are done in an unexpected order.

That is supposed to say MAC address, not AMC address.