Headphones constantly beeping

I have been using my headphones with no issues, connected to my iPhone. Yesterday, it started beeping while I was using it. The beeping was happening before I selected something to listen to. Then the volume plummeted. I turned it up on my phone and was okay. Today, it was beeping constantly. Did not respond when I touched the blue light button to turn it off. Gave up and used my AirPods.

Is this due to low battery? The app says I am at 50%

No idea what to do. The blue light went off after I left it for a while.


Jim McDonough
Oceanside, CA

I have been having the exact same issue, constant beeping, and the the headphones force a decline in volume until it’s muted.

Very frustrating.

A couple of things to consider.

Do you have more than one Wyze headset? Make sure they are named differently. I think when they wrote the software they assumed headsets would be named differently in the app.

Have you paired with more than one device? Try ‘forgetting’ one device. The second device may be trying to play something at the same time.

My problem went away - I think it started because my wife, who had not been using her headset, decided to try it.