Wyze Gun Safe - First Impression

First, a shout out to fulfillment and shipping. I made this order 2 days ago probably 30 seconds after it went live on the Wyze site. I had no idea it was going to be on the site and I just happened to get lucky. But the last 3 or 4 orders I have made have gotten to me in 2 days, so the improvements are starting to be seen.

Here it is…

If you have read these first impression posts from me in the past you know how it goes. I give it a 15 minute touch, post what I think and then follow up as I use the device more. I will take a moment to shout out @TheNetGuyDotCom as he did a great stream on this device if you want some deep detail check out the video.

But it had an I back sticker in it, Yes!!! And a badge!!! No boarder. But honestly, with pre-orders being a thing of the past with Wyze I was sure we would be missing the stickers going forward. Happy to see it.

Wait a minute??? What’s this all about? Its not unlocked in the Badge list… noooooooooo.

I got the device setup in less than 5 minutes. Gave it my 2 codes one for the app access one for the actual box, setup my finger print and was off and running.

The voice prompts are loud at setup, so I wouldn’t suggest setting this up for the first time when you don’t want to disturb ( I might have been on a virtual call and didn’t have my mic muted when I inserted the batteries :grimacing:… It went like this, Presenter - “Did somebody say something?” Audience Member - "Not sure what it was but it definitely was from R.Good, because I heard the word WYZE)

This safe feels solid… and it is pretty heavy.

I love the four points of entry (app, key, finger scanner, and keypad)

I did a quick couple of entry tests time to trigger open to when the door unlatched (about 5 per except key) and here are the fastest results


From the Wyze App, From the Home Screen, meaning I needed to enter the first code to get access to the Safe Controls

From the Wyze App Already in the Safe Controls

Keys… I will mention, I did buy 2 of these, and the Keys for safe #1 would not open safe #2 and vice versa. So each lock and key are set different.

If you are like me and have multiple mobile devices do note that the Safe is only showing up on the device I set it up on, Im not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but I will keep my eye on it…

iOS the device I set it up on Android

Update on the Multi-Device access. I logged out of my secondary and third device, cleared cache, and logged back in. The Safe showed up in the device list. However. It wanted me to set a new code on the Wyze App. I entered the same code as the code I entered on the device I set the safe up on, but it wouldn’t connect. assuming this is because I did not pair it with the secondary device… I will play more to see if I can pair with multiple devices soon, but understand this is an edge case for people who use multiple mobile devices.

That’s what I’ve got so far in my 15 minutes of play time. As always please share any of your first impressions and don’t hesitate to ask any question as related to the Safe and functionality.

I have some pretty creative mounting thoughts for these safes, I can’t wait to share them with you when complete. I will continue to share my thoughts as I use the safe more.


I like how they new it was you by the word Wyze. When I am in meetings. I have to mute the mic as well. There are a lot of notifications and individuals just laugh now. Or tell me someone is at the door. :rofl:

Glad it isn’t just me.

Great initial first take. Interesting it is not visible on multiple devices. Is it visible on two Androids if you set it up with your Android?


Awesome write up my friend and good test results with those unique keys!

Had a great time doing the stream and the product is perfect for my family and storage needs.

Thanks for the kind words!


I received my gun safe quickly as well, that was impressive. But I would not say this safe is heavy at all, but it’s adequate and comprable to other small gun safes. I do wish Wyze would stop including those stickers though. I always throw them away and think they are a waste of money, less is better and adds to more waste. I hate paying for them, no matter how little they add to the cost, I’m not a collector of stickers and they won’t be worth anything down the road.

The quick guide said there would be a beep for the pairing mode, mine never beeped, it just said it was in pairing mode. But it was very easy to setup.

The foam padding inside the safe is way too thin and should also have been inside the lid to press down on the contents. When you put the bolts in to secure the safe somewhere, the heads of the bolts will stick up and that thin foam won’t prevent them from contact to your gun very well. Also, the felt lining is very thin too. But the one thing I absolutely can’t stand is when companies use piano black trim on areas that are touched often, it’s just a fingerprint and scratch magnet, and only looks nice new when untouched. This area should have been flat black, like the rest of the safe.

Now, for those that think this safe should have been fireproof. That adds cost, size and weight of the safe. Fire ratings aren’t designed to last the life of an engulfing house fire that burns for hours. If anyone wants a fireproof container for their valuables, dig a hole in your backyard, put a waterproof container in the hole and cover it with fake flowers or rocks. Problem solved.

So overall for the price point I like this product and I haven’t been pleased with a lot of Wyze products lately.

One more thing, there is no way to delete the safe open history. Wyze needs to give us a delete option.

Maybe Wyze can ask Xiaomi Dafang for better Product development.

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So I did the setup process again and just like the first time, there was no beep as the instructions say, for the pairing process. Is anyone else getting the beep?

I did, The safe Beeped once then says something like “follow the directions in the App to setup”.

I’m talking about when you press the button to pair it. The instructions say it should beep then when paired a voice says it is. Mine doesn’t beep, it just tells me when it’s paired.

I am talking about the same thing. When I pressed the button, to hold it for 3 seconds. The safe beeped once at first press, when the 3 second hold hit time, the safe announced something to the affect of “Ready to Pair, follow the the instruction in the App”

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Well, first you said after you pressed the button it beeped and then said “follow the direction in the App to setup”.

Either way mine doesn’t beep. Not really a big deal I guess because it paired. Seems like though there is always some software issue with Wyze products.

That’s why you have a Key…Good Luck.

You missed my point.

Same here. Beep and voice prompt.

Also, I have mine working from 5 devices, all using the same account. I don’t know what the limit is. I didn’t need to pair with devices 2+. Just had to enter/create app/safe code. You can only have current/active (BLE) control from one device at a time. Not sure if it’s different using separate accounts. I don’t have a need to share account anyway. Just scanned wife’s fingerprints , let her have her own code and knows keys location. Wondering what firmware version you received…

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Thanks for the reminder. Update from the above multi device comment.

My secondary devices came around and connected.

I did still experience the below

Safe 1, I setup on iOS, when I went to an Android device it had setup an app unlock code, even though I made one at setup on iOS, I entered the same code.

Safe 2, I setup on Android, when I went to iOS it had me setup and app unlock code, even though I made one at setup on Android. I entered the same code

Both operated after connection.


Same here, all new devices attempting to access needed to setup app/safe unlock code. I entered the same code for all devices.

When you have a 2nd device attempting access, as soon as 1st device backs out of the safe part of the app, the 2nd device immediately connects and 1st device can’t take control.

I can’t see anyone using an app to unlock a safe in an emergency… takes too long. It’s great to be able to easily change settings and review history log though.

Tip: If you’re getting even a few scan errors when attempting biometric access, rescan your fingerprint. Do flat center from 4 compass points, the left and right sides fingertips and front tip straight down.


Nor do I.

I was really impressed with the speed of the reaction from the time the unlock is pressed in the app to the time the lid unlatched, but nothing I would use in an emergency situation.

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I love the size and heft of this safe. I never considered a safe of this size as I either use a portable in vehicles or one of my standing long gun beasts. The kids have long flown the coop over here and now I sometimes need to quickly sanitize the house when friends bring their kids unannounced. This is not a cheap 16g lockbox that can be beat into submission with a fist… it’s a 12g safe with just the right amount of storage for my quick put em away needs. The felt protection on the sides and inner lid is fine for my use… it’s bolted down and not going anywhere. Not what really goes in my safe, but for size illustration, you can create 2 levels of firearms by getting some convoluted (egg crate) foam from Walmart, Home Depot or Amazon to create layer separation/protection. 4 various sizes and a full length can:

Top layer:

Bottom layer:


Good idea, I like it!

On a negative note, my safe didn’t recognize my fingerprint and went into the 5 minute lockout mode. This happened to me twice tonight. I’ll try rescanning my finger, but I just hope it doesn’t happen when time is of the essence in an emergency.

I have to wonder how common this issue is with other fingerprint scanning gun safes? I’ve never had this happen with my old iPhone 7 Plus fingerprint scanner. So the technology is pretty fool proof. I have to wonder if it’s Wyze’s software because they have a history of buggy software.

Setup my fingerprint again on my Wyze gun safe and once again it didn’t read my print and locked out for 5 minutes as I pressed my finger to the sensor numerous times, trying to get it to take.

What the heck Wyze?!

Just got the safe today, easy setup but either mine was a fluke or someone isn’t exactly sure how double AA batteries are labeled/charged DC current… could see that leading to some confusion if i wasn’t the only person.