Gun Safe!?! Just When I Think You Guys Couldn't Get Any Better!?!

Dudes!!! Yo!!! This has got to be the riskiest endeavor for Wyze thus far. Not risky on account of the acceptance of the marketplace, after all, Wyze is a US based company, and not the UK, China, or Australia. The risks lie with entering a market which is burdened by a passionate underlying highly controversial political issue which could result in the alienation of many segments of Wyze’s current and potential customer base.

No need to explain the calculus to me, I fully understand that whatever anyone’s feelings are regarding the baked in aspects of our nation’s culture of privately owned firearms happens to be, the reality of Wyze designing, manufacturing, and offering one of the most technologically capable single-purpose handgun safe at a price point well below what other, far less capable legacy fun safes are priced at, manifests as a positive outcome for everyone: Less Unsecured Firearms in the US.

The immediate impulse I felt as I read through the launch email was nothing short of intense pride and awe for Wyze having the courage to bring to market something that has the potential to damage the brand value which they have built one product at a time, having started with a single modest WiFi camera. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during the earliest strategic development meetings when the pros and cons of moving forward with the launch of a product which lies in such a potentially decisive industry for the first time. My hat is off to those who saw the tangible benefits that such a product would have on every community around this country, benefits that would largely go unrecognized by virtue of the impossible nature of celebrating an active shooter massacre which was prevented because the perpetrator simply had no available means to commit the crime. That’s a tough position to sell in the face of what was almost certainly a series of measurable and statistically probably negative outcomes which sounded something like “We estimate we’ll lose X percentage of current customers based on their unwavering opposition to the sale of any firearms accessories to the general public”.

My position on the matter is of no relevance, although I’m thrilled to be amongst those who are the first to order this safe and can NOT wait to receive it. Whoever or whichever team was responsible for demonstrating the benefits which this product will bring in those frustratingly abstract measures, THANK YOU for getting that particular ball over the proverbial goal line. I see no risks of being hyperbolic when I say that your efforts very well will almost certainly result in the lives of many Americans being preserved which would otherwise have been taken by someone who has no business with a gun finding one unsecured.

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And what of the liability to Wyze in a litigious society when one of these electronic safes fail and the unthinkable happens?

I’m all for gun safety and also your own personal decisions and right to own or not… They GAVE me guns for 22 years! But WOW Wyze, talk about jumping into the liability deep end! Your liability insurance agent must be planning a trip to the tropics right now!


Absolutely fantastic point that I didn’t even consider! Yet another reason to applaud the initiative, because there are so few corporations which make any room in their executive decision making for any consideration for doing something because it’s the right thing to do. Keep it up, Wyze Guys (gender nonspecific), you guys rock!!

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Just another Wyze product that will have limited crappy customer support and buggy software. Please Wyze stop making new products! Fix the issues with your current products!


100% Agree. I would not use a Wyze Gun Safe in a event if my family’s life was in jeopardy. Be it Crappy Support, Buggy Software (Biometric Fingerprint Access :worried:) or lack of required Safety Ratings.

My Question to Wyze or the Community?

  1. Is the Wyze Gun Safe Fireproof Cert. UL Class 350-1, UL Class 350-2 and UL Class 350-3 ? If not UL class 350 certification then it is not fireproof.
  2. ETL certification ?
  3. CA-DOJ Safe Certification ?
  4. RSC Burglary Rating ?
  5. How many levels of protected materials from Outer Shell to Interior are used ?

Everyone likes to bring up that a safe should be fireproof, without really knowing what that means. No safe on the market, that is affordable, will keep paperwork inside a safe from burning up if there was whole house engulfing fire. For me, the sole purpose of a gun safe is to keep the firearms from falling into the wrong hands, so I’m not too concerned about the fire rating as I wouldn’t be keeping paperwork inside it. However, I would hope that if the heat of a house fire was so intense to ignite the ammo within a safe that the rounds would stay within it.

With all this said I did order this safe, but I’m hoping it doesn’t turn out to be crappy junk like the rest of the Wyze product line has been lately. But I do wonder what the warranty is for this product. If I’m not happy with it will Wyze pay the return shipping cost?

It is not fireproof or waterproof as listed in the FAQ

Oh well, the field of Entry Low Price point item is available from SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe. Thanks

It also costs more and many have reported that the lid struts fail after the warranty.