Wyze Garage QR code sticker. Can extra stickers be ordered? How? Where?

How can I order an extra QR code sticker Wyze Garage if I have to move from one house to another?
Where do I order or print an extra one? If I am able to print it at home I can just tape it into the new garage door right?

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I believe it is the same QR Code for all of the GDCs. You should be able to take a Picture and print it. Easy enough to test. :slight_smile:


Here you go… It just says “wyze.com/g


Paul! Confirmed, it works thank you very much.

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The image Wyze sends is printed using metallic ink so it is seen better in night vision, not saying printing at home will not work but in case you have problems seeing it at night it could be why.


It’s easy to check, just look at what the camera sees at night under actual lighting from the WC IR lights. If you can see the QR clearly, then the camera can see the QR clearly.

Actually, you don’t need the metallic ink to reflect better, the black needs to be black - nonreflective. The problem is some printers (photo printers in particular) print glossy black ink on gloss paper, which could look all white if the QR is reflecting the light back to the camera.

Do check to see how the QR looks to the WyzeCam.

thanks for the jpg. I was able to print it at 2x size and put the camera at the back of my garage to be able to see all of it.


I would like to have the QR code to be downloadable/printable so that I can replace the old one.
I have seen where I have a plastic black and white ball that got burnt out of color due to the hot sun. That ball is resting against a wall, that wall is sheetrock with insulations between it and the exterior brick wall, and the exterior brick wall just happen to be exposed to long time sun throughout the day. I can’t see how this QR sticker is going to last on my garage door that is just plain aluminum being exposed to the hot sun for the most part of the day on the other side. That heat will burn out the ink on the QR real quick.

Courtesy of PaulGrace in 3rd post from the top of this topic:

I’ve printed a copy but in night vision mode, the camera is basically seeing a blank piece of paper (even putting it right in front of the camera). Has anyone printed and got it working in night vision mode? If so, did you do anything specific (paper, ink, laminate, etc.)?

I printed it on copier paper with a laser printer and it works.

Maybe you are using a photo printer, and the glossy ink/paper is reflecting too much light?

You could also try moving it so it isn’t reflecting the IR lights from the camera straight back to the camera?

Try looking at the target at night in IR mode to see what the camera is seeing as you change locations and positions of the target.

Thanks Paul. I used an inkjet printer on normal paper but looking at it in various locations through the IR mode turned up a blank page. I ended up using a sharpie marker to colour in the QR code (surprisingly relaxing!), which only helped a bit (faint view in IR mode) at first but I then did the back of the page too and that made it clear enough to be picked up in IR mode. Not the best solution but it works I guess!

I had the same issue as you. I’m thinking I’m going to try with Photo paper in the future when my original fades out. Please let me know if it works for you with Photo paper?

Only laser printers work, I tried both. I blew mine up to 16" x 16" so I can move the camera all the way to the back of the garage and it works great

Here’s an SVG version I created after jumping through a few hoops to figure out how the original one was enocded, and regenerating it on a website that supports SVG output. For anyone interested here are the details to generate that exact code:

QR version : 1 (21x21)
Error correction level : Q
Mask pattern : 7
Mode Indicator : 8-bit Mode (0100)
Character Count Indicator : 10
Encoded string : wyze.com/g

I don’t know if it actually matters that the QR code is identical, but here’s an SVG version of it that you can scale up or down to any size to suit your needs:

For anyone needing help printing this at 2x size (or more) on PC.
Download the file, open it in paint (run: mspaint). File > Page Setup > Scaling. Set “Fit to:” 2 by 2 pages.

Print the file and you’ll probably need to 1) trim the boundaries or 2) overlap and cover with black marker.