Wyze Garage Door Controller - Firmware - Trigger time is too long now

The trigger time was changed from .2 to 2 seconds. That’s a 10x increase. This is way too long and I can no longer use the controller to shut the door. The increased time causes the door to come down , then stop and go back up. Please change it back to .2 or please make it user selectable in the app.
The recent change has made it unusable for me.

Sorry about that, it was recently changed due to it being too short for some doors, but ig it’s too long for some now. @WyzeHongfei can help you with this.

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thank you . please please help. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can add a Wishlist item to provide a setting so that the trigger can be set by the user.

Just a suggestion.

User selectable trigger duration is already in the works for ASAP release.