Wyze footage may lead to arrest of teen killed

I am hopiñg that footage captured from my Wyze camera will create a lead that will solve case of local teen killed in our area. Footage has been used by local tv stations.
Here is link.


Crazy a little middle-school/Junior-High kid is walking around people’s property with a burglar mask and all dark clothes at 3 AM like that. Even with the video it makes it hard to really identify anything about either of them, but maybe someone else who knew the kid will know who else he was hanging out with and give them a lead that can be pursued.

So sad, Poor mom. I am sure she is grateful for your help in sharing the video you found.

So, how was the timeline of events for this…did you wake up, see this person alert, and share it with police first? Or did you hear about the murder first and then realize that event might be involved?


Wow. So sad. The mother said she knows who it is and who he hung out with. But I guess they can’t prove it. I hope he wasn’t being lured to that outcome.

The timeline was my HOA President mentioned a child in the neighbor had died. I later learned it was the young boy who lived in a home directly behind our townhome. My wife and I would see him with his friends pretty much everyday because they used our yard as a cut through. Anyway, I eventually saw the news report which requested any info regarding this case. Fortunately, I checked my Wyze cam before image was erased and forwarded to the police. I believe this may have been the last images of the child alive. I also, sent the police clearer images of the Crosby boy and the numerous friends he hung out with whenever he would use our yard as a cut through. Hopefully, the images captured by the Wyze cameras will crack the case wide open so this mother can have justice for her child.