Wyze Floor Lamp - Pairing Remote to New Phone


How do I pair the Remote to a new iPhone so I can check / update the firmware?


When you sign into the Wyze app it should auto populate the remote and all other devices

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The Lamp is there but when I try to connect to the remote it fails, see pictures.

Are you able to connect and control the lamp from your phone, just not update it?

Make sure your Bluetooth is enabled

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Not the lamp, the remote.

The lamp talks through the remote I believe, so if your not able to connect to the lamp then you also won’t be able to connect to the remote.

When clicking on the lamp in the Wyze app (when near the lamp and remote), are you able to load the page? Are you able to use the controls in the app to control the lamp? But then when you go to settings > remote, it is unable to connect to the remote?

Are you able to use the button of the remote to control the lamp?

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Yes, are you? This would indicate a connection between the lamp and remote. If no connection, then

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Can you check what the latest firmware revision for the remote it?

The latest firmware version for the Floor Lamp Remote is 0.0.19.

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. If using iOS/iPadOS, you may also need to enable Local Network for the Wyze app.

  • The on-screen instructions are misleading. You don’t push and hold the button. The Remote sits in a pseudo-sleep state with the button pushed in. Press the side button once to “pop” the button out. You should see a blue flashing light on the face of the remote. This will allow your phone’s Wyze app to poll the Remote. Don’t forget to push the button back in when done to save battery power.

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What does the light or the remote show as under BlueTooth? I have a “few” devices!

I don’t think it shows in there, only the app can see it