Floor Lamp ( 2) - Unable to find them

Just received two floor lamps.
Set them up as per instruction and they showed in the app, along with a thermostat and 10 cameras.
My problem is that when I am away, the app cannot find the lamps while there is no issue with any of the other connected devices.
If I am at home, the app connects.
Any suggestions

The lamp is Bluetooth-only; You must be present to control it.


Bluetooth only? Cell phone connection only? I can’t get anything but the very bright (too bright) with not up or down controls to dim the lamp. The included control button with not sync with the lamp. I am so unhappy with this lamp and I can’t get connected to the website with my log in and password. I returned the watch. I’ve stashed the hand held vacuum in the closet. It’'s too weak to benefit me. Now the Lamp. I have tried to support WYZE but not I want to return the Lamp and WYZE won’t let me connect. Sounds like a con game to me.