My floor lamp isn't detected by Amazon Alexa app

My floor lamp is not detected by the Android Amazon Alexa app version 2.2.413073.0. (My other Wyze lights are detected by the app.) Anyone else not able to connect to the Amazon Alexa app?

The Floor Lamp does not support Alexa, maybe because it is a Bluetooth device? Other Wyze Bulbs are WiFi-controlled.

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Thanks for your answer. Yes, Bluetooth is used to connect with the remote switch and I didn’t even think that I never set up wifi for it because like you said it doesn’t support wifi.

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My workaround was to plug it into a smart plug… thus making it a smart lamp! :slight_smile:


Wyze Floor Lamp uses BLE 5.0 technology.

So, Wyze Floor Lamp does not currently support integrations.

Wow, you are so clever!

Connects to the Wyze app for more smart lighting options

Wyze Floor Lamp can be connected via the Wyze app for remote control, scheduling timers, smart dimming, sleep mode, and more. Wyze Floor Lamp can be updated through the app to add more lighting experiences and features after purchase.

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