Wyze floodlight v1 and new V4 cam

Does anyone know if the v4 camera works with the V1 floodlight?

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Unfortunately, it is not compatible.


Do we know why? The specs for the power adapters (5v/1000ma) are the same for the v3 and the v4, and the v3 works fine off the floodlight. I just came out to post the fact that my new v4 locks up within 10 minutes or so of powering up. I dropped it in place of the v3 that was attached to my original floodlight. I guess I have my answer as to why it’s locking up. UGGGHHHHhhhhhh

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Thanks for testing it. This seems like a software limitation that I hope can be updated in the future. You saved me the hassle of buying one to test.

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Are you simply trying to use it as a second camera and power it off the additional USB port, or are you trying to replace the V3?

I’m using as a secondary camera & not replacing the forward facing one on the floodlight itself. I have the floodlight itself mounted over my external garage facing the driveway, and the second cam is mounted around the corner facing my patio and powered off the spare USB port on the floodlight.

There’s a possibility of using an USB Y splitter for the auxiliary USB Type-A port on the Floodlight to power 1 more camera. I think there was test done and the auxiliary port was pushing out 5V ~2 amps so in theory it should be capable of powering 1 more camera OG/V3/V4, but YMMV.

I remembered reading something similar before about the port being more than capable, and that’s what threw me here. I tried both v4s I bought and multiple cables. The V4s work fine after setup and lock up shortly after. V3s work fine off the same aux port. V4s work fine if I power them from the A/C adapter on a nearby plug. I wouldnt think there should be any software at play here? It’s just power, right?

As far as I know, it’s supposed to be power only. Are you saying the auxiliary USB Type-A port on the Floodlight causes your V4 to hang? I remember @carverofchoice mentioning about powering a Eufy camera + Wyze V2 using a splitter cable here.

Initially, I thought you were trying to power a V4 by removing the main V3 camera sitting on the Floodlight. But even if it powers up, you will lose software functionality of the Floodlight.

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