Wyze Cam v3 Floodlight - Extra USB Port Usage Survey

Unfortunately, not this time because for this one I used a splitter that I’ve had for a long time and don’t even remember where I got it from.

The problem to keep in mind is that a lot of splitters have a big plug, and the Floodlight USB needs a smaller plug to go inside of it, so a lot of them won’t work natively. What I ended up doing was plugging in a short micro-USB cable into the floodlight, then using a “Coupler” to connect from the micro-USB cord to give me a new female USB-A port that I could then plug the splitter into, then plugged both cameras into the splitter.

Also keep in mind that the USB port is only intended for a single camera, not 2, so it probably won’t be giving a ton of power, and might not be ideal for using a V3Pro with a splitter since the V3Pro needs more power.

Don’t judge my terrible wiring/mounting in this case :rofl: I “Intend” to make it look more nicely and permanent eventually, and it’s always been protected from weather…but I do need to go out and finish it up like this weekend or something :rofl: But here is an example of my backyard floodlight running 2 EXTRA cams in addition to the Floodlight:

I should mention that I DID try swapping out the V2 cam with a V3Pro, and the V3Pro did NOT get enough power with that setup (using a splitter and running 2 cams)…but it does work fine with an indoor eufy cam and an indoor V2 running off that single USB port.